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Re: 619 prdections l spoilers

Jericho Prediction

"New War old Soldiers"

Tobirama, "Edo Tensei: contract release!"

Suddenly all their eyes and bodies look natural.

Orochimaru, " what?!"

Hashirama, " my brother created this jutsu, putting him under it without a new seal of control was wreck less."

Minato, "yes me and the Third were never placed under this jutsu before, no control seals were placed."

He makes a hand sign, " summoning jutsu!"

He has FTG kunai in both hands and wrapped around both legs.

He places his hand on Hurizen shoulder , he touches Tobirama shoulder and Tobirama does the same with Hasirama.

Orochimaru, " no!"

A root comes up and wraps around Sasuke, Suigetsu and Juugo's ankles.

The *everyone disappears except Orochimaru.

We see Naruto performing their last attack on Madara and Obito. The links are severed and the Juubi starts roaring.

Kakashi surprised, {wait, it can't be} " sensei?!"

Not too far away on a cliff we see the four Kages and Hawk.

Minato, " Naruto?! But who is that he is fighting?"

Hashirama, "Madara?!"

Sasuke, why are we here? I want no part in this war!"

Hurizen, " look around, everyone is in this war!"

Tobirama, "wrong, this isn't our war. Our wars are gone, we should not interefere."

Minato is staring at the *battlefied, he sees many fighting and dead. He sees Kakashi then looks at Obito, whom is fighting Naruto.

"Obito, what has happened to you?"

Obito, " I am tired of you, no more trying to convince you. Your just gonna have to die!"

He sends sharps roots heading strait for him and roots from different directions.

Minato, {dammit.}

Hurizen, "mina..."

As he says that Minato appears behind Naruto and flashes out with him.*

Obito, " was that?!"

Kakashi, " was that
*another Edi Tensei? But he saved Naruto, what is going on?"


Naruto in Rs mode," whats going on here?!"

Minato comes from behind him, " hello son."

Naruto, "Dad, are we inside my head again?"

Minato, { i see he has already meet my chakra presence. Okay then i will continue as id i already told him what i wanted to.} " no Naruto I am.."

Naruto steadies himself but his eyes start watering, " your an Edo Tensei, who is making me fight my dad?!"

Minato, " calm down i have full control, we have little time.
The guy you were fighting..."

Naruto, " Obito, he knows Kakashi Sensei too!"

Minato,{so there is the confirmation} " i see you are using the 9tails chakra."

Naruto, " yeah me and Kurama are partners now!"

Minato, " Kurama huh? Well I have something for you and him."

He makes some hand signs and places a seal on Naruto's for head, it flashes then disappears. Naruto's eyes open wide, with surprise.

Then he places one hand on his stomach and the other he grabs Narutos hand.

Kurama inside, " wait is that, it is!"

Minato inside, " Kurama is it? Well i took something from you a long time ago, i think it's time you got it *a back. Take care of my son, Kurama-sama."


Sasuke is watching the War, " what is he doing?"

Hashirama, " whatever it is all the ninja of the bidden village are fighting together with the Samurai of the Iron country. Must be disastrous ."

Kabuto from behind, " it is, he wants to put the entire world under a genjutsu to bring his own version of peace."

Sasuke looks at him.

Kabuto , " don't worry i am no threat anymore."

Tobirama, " peace?"

He looks at Hashirama, "Madara loves war and bloodshed he loves to show he is stronger than others. This isnt for peace, not with that monster!"

Third, " you know, Madara isnt form this era either. Looks like he is in this *War."

Hashirama looks at Tobirama and they *both knod their heads.

Kabuto, " it stand that if you still wish to destroy Konoha, you would have to fight the alliance to do it. They all share a common ideal now."

Sasuke, {ideals}

Obito facing Kakashi in Naruto cloak, " was that some trick to throw me off? Make me think I saw Minato, you did that?!"

Kakashi, " i saw him too, wasn't us."

Suddenly he charges Kakashi.

Kakashi, { i' m not gonna dodge i have to hit him at the same time, just gotta take him out with me!}

Just as the two collide Obito is extending a sharp root from his hand which is longer than Kakashi's reach with *chidori.

Kakashi, {damn.}

voice, "flying thunder rasengan!"

Naruto wearing Minato's coat(without Hokage print) crashes down on Obito. Minato grabs Kakashi before impact of the root.

At a FTG *kunai a few feet away.

Minato appears with Kakashi.*

Kakashi, " Sensei?!"

He flips up and gets ready to fight, there are other ni ja around as well.

Ninja, " he looks like..."

Minato, " don' worry you don't have to fight me. It seems i am done here, you trained my son well. Narto is a fine *inja and man. I heard I also have Jaraiya sensei to think as well. "

Minato is starting to crumble.

Kakashi, " yes he is, just like you."

Minato, " He is far better than i could be, you are a great sensei. But keep watch over him, i did release the chakra strain on his intellect gate though."

He blows away with the wind.

Guy is behind Kakashi, " intellect gate huh? That Minato sensei, that is not an easy task. "

Naruto glances over to see his dad disperse, {rest easy Dad, Mom is waiting} " Obito Uchiha, student of Minato Namekaze, i am the son of Minato and will from this day forth cary on his legacy!"

Obito is getting up, Naruto sees his fingers touchin the ground and...

"Double Flying Thunder rasengan!"

Obito, " ughh!!" { i just barely touched the ground so i could stand up. Minato wasn't even that fast!}

Naruto, "this fight is over for you."*

He notices something and disappears.

Many spikes erupt around Obito.

Madara looking from atop the juubi, " he is fast. I cant let him take away my doorway to resurrection and becoming the Jinchurikki for the 10 tails."

Voice from behind, " so thats what this monstrosity is."

We see Hashirama standing with Tobirama.

Madara, "Hashirama?!"

Shikamaru, " don't tell me we have to fight thise two as wel?"

Voice from the side, " no, the Kages are with the Alliance."

Everyone around kooks to see Third Hokage.

Kabuto on he cliff with Hawk, " seems everyone has their own goals and beliefs."

Sasuke looks down at Naruto whom is making shadow clones and they are all FTG attacking the Juubi with huge rasengans.

Kabuto to Sasuke, " what is *your goal and belief now Sasuke?"

We see Sasuke standing with EMS and Naruto standing in his Dad's coat making *a rasengan with one hand and no shadow clones.

Sasuke/Naruto, " things are different now."

Next issue: "Goals"
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