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Re: Naruto 618

Originally Posted by hillhawk View Post
I'm not sure if anyone had already mentioned/noticed this, but I think it's pretty cool how they paralleled Sasuke's arrival to the village with Naruto's at the beginning of part 2. They're both standing on a water tower looking at the Hokage mountain, and they say almost the exact same thing. While it's probably not too big of a deal, I think it's a decent piece of writing on Kishi's part, and I want to point it out for anyone that didn't realize it yet.
It's been mentioned a couple times. Also, they didn't say almost the exact same thing, they said the complete opposite of each other.

Edit @ Xeth: A couple of minor issues with your rant at the end.

First, the village was being rebuilt with the aid of Yamato's Mokuton skills after it was turned into a parking lot.

Second, the Uzumaki shrine is located some distance from the village. Far enough for no one to have gone to it in years and to have escaped the massive Shinra Tensei.

Third, the Uchiha hideout was located on a mountain on the outskirts of Konoha and the shrine was underground. Nagato's Shinra Tensei was centered on Konoha's central area, so the hideout escaped the blast. The building itself was destroyed by the fight between Sasuke and Itachi, the shrine survived.

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