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Re: Naruto 618

Well, I'm accustomed to Kishis weird writing and plotholes to a point I don't question them too much any more and just take them. If you think about it a bit the one or other obvious fault is no fault at all anyway (imho). Besides that, always remember the golden rules.

But anyway I would say I sit idle and watch how it continues now. I like the chapter. The Sasuke scene was a nice little thing and with his sentence further pictured the standing of Naruto at one side and Sasuke at the other.

What kind of wakes my curiosity is that if Kurama is also sealed to a part in Minato, that the part of Naruto somehow catches a thing or two from this scene. I wonder if there will be a moment where Kurama in Naruto tells him Sasuke, Orochimaru and others just Edo Tensaied the four Hokages, including his father. What will be Narutos reaction then. Further, Madara also has a part of Hashi in him and I wonder if he also magically learns about this scene.

It might be that party Oro and Edo Hokage join the battlefield when one sides is down to take out the weakened other left. Destroying Konoha as it is now would be pointless, as long as the Konoha Shinobi, who mostly are on the battlefield are out and living they simply can rebuilt the village. Here Konoha's ninja are Konoha fits just perfectly. This simple fact explains for me why they won't trash Konoha now.

I really want to hear what is spoken of next.

I don't know how high the chances are that Sasuke acquires the Rinne'gan now and what the remaining Zetsu is for though it might be Oro calls for Shisui now and with his arms and the state an Edo is after being resurrected takes over his body (wasn't it the Uchiha he preferable had at first and couldn't find but I might be wrong on this and confuse it with something, much has happened overall the Manga).

Have a nice day.
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