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Re: 619 prdections l spoilers

Jericho (fandiction)

"goals", "i see", & "end"

Kakashi is standing watching *Minato's remaining ashes blow away as Guy is watching his back.

Flash back.

Minato is standing talking to a young Kakashi, you know your jonin rank will carry no value in the ANBU. Only hard work and executing your mission will prove your worth from here on out."

Kakashi, "i welcome the challenge Sensei. *You trained me well."

Minato, " it really doesn't take much skill to teach a genius. So why did you accept he invite, thought you were aiming for Hokage?"

Kakashi, " well, your Hokage now, it suits you. I am not a leader, i am fine protecting you Sensei and all the Kage afte you!"

Minato, " well then you better get stringer than me if your gonna protect me. I'm counting on you to help me live a long life as Hokage!"

Kakashi, " you got it, i perfect mu chidori and l copied like 200 jutsu so far! "

Minato, " you sure you don't want to learn FTG?"

Kakashi, " I know the basics but it's not my style. Oh and Sensei, it takes skill to teach a genius that has too much pride to listen. Thank you."

Minato pats Kakashi on he head and smiles, " Kakashi, your one of kind, Konoha has a great future."


Hashirama, " Madara, you have troubled this generation enough."

Suddenly branches coming racing towards Hashirama.

There is a Madara wood clone attacking from behind.

Hashi and Tobirama look as the attack is about to impact.

Madara looks surprised, " what?"

Hashirama has cancelled the jutsu as the branches fall before him.

"i can sense my chakra within you, i assume ubsome how assimilated my jutsu. Madara, you cant use mu own jutsu and chakra against me."

Tobirama, " i think you have his under control, i have somewhere to go."

He disappears.

The cliff, Kabuto is looking at Sasuke, " he really considers you a friend still you know?"*

Sasuke, " he is a fool."

Juugo, " then they are all fools as well as you and I."

Sasuke, "what do you mean?"

Everyone down their is being loyal to*
What they believe in. I am loyal to you, even though you abandoned us. Friendship and loyalty are very strong things. You yourself were loyal to the Uchiha name, even though everything you have discovered says you were wrong about them."

Suigetus, " kinda agree here, loyalty is not the trait of a fool..."

We see Naruto looking at Obito.

" is the trait of a true friend"

Naruto, " tell me..."

Several clones appear coming down on Obito and the spoiled roots surrounding him with rasengans, " how do we stop the Juubi?!"

Obito, "ahhhh!"{dammit, where did he get this power and mastery of FTG?}

Naruto, { he is here. Sasuke, but he isn't moving, just watching}

He notices the Juubi charging.*

Kabuto, "the Juubi is headed this way!"

Hashirama and Madara are fighting atop the Juubi.

Hashirama, { he can't control it and fight me. There are people in it's path, my hands are full with Madara!"

We see hands making signs, "summoning jutsu!"

Suddenly a huge mountain of smoke appears.*

As Sasuke is forming susan'oo Juugo jumps in front if Kabuto.

They all see huge Kurama in flesh and fur holding the Juubi back. It is half the mass but almost as tall.

Naruto can be seen on top of his head with the *seal on his stomach glowing under his shirt.

Hurizen, " the 9 tails is loose?!"

Kakashi arriving beside him, " no 3rd Hokage-sama look Naruto is still in control. But how did it get so big?"

Hurizen, " the 9 tails is made of chakra this is true the more he has the stronger and bigger he is. Minato sealed half of it's power away, looks like he gave it back to him."

Madara sees this and is caught off guard by Hashirama. He gets wrappe in branches and eyes civered as well.

Hashirama, " you should be familiar with these, thy drained your chakra last tune did they not?"

Kurama, " elemental strike: fox tails!"

Hacibi grabs a few ninja alliance, " everyone get back!"

Suddenly the tips of Kurama's tails are a flame, thy reach out an strike randomly and quickly all over the Juubi.

It screams in agony and steps back a few paces flames start spreading and burning. *Then start dripping off as if liquid.

Naruto, " careful Kurama, i know your excited to be whole again. But let's not kill the people we are saving."

Kurama, " hey i'm not used to being the good guy and being considerate!"

As we look closely we see Obito is tied up behind Naruto with a seal spread across his body.

Naruto looking forward talking to Obito, " you can't make things go through you with that seal on you. You have caused enough trouble, Obito."

Hurizen is looking around at all the alliance ninja helping each other. He sees Naruto a top Kurama and everyone that is cheering him on.

Hurizen, " well, i see."

Suddenly a random *in cloud uniform walks up, "Excuse me, Hokage-sama."

Hurizen looks slightly confused, " yes?"

Ninja takes of his head band and hands it to Hurizen, " All us alliance ninja wear these now, take mine. Hou know until you get your own."

Hurizen, " hmmm, Alliance ninja . Thank you.. Allaince ninja."

Ninja " for what, Hokage-sama?"

Hurizen, " for showing me that my life long goal has been met."

Ge starts passing on, with a smile on his face.

Ninja from all the villages are around him now.

Hurizen, " this is much better than before, i am surrounded by family. My Alliance *family."

Some Leaf ninja *bow there heads as well as other ninja.


Tsunade has her hands on Oonki trying to heal him.

Gaara is sitting up as well as Mei, Raikage is still lying down.*

Slug, " Tsunade, he is gone."

Tsunade, " no no no he can't be."

Voice, " but he is. Still tying to save the world little Flower?"

Tsunade, "little...Uncle Tobi?!"

Tobirama is standing looking at here split in half, " can we pull ourselves together?"

Moments later, she is in one whole piece.*

Tobirama, " are you married yet by chance, any kids or grand kids?"

Tsunade is trying to heal Raikage, " no Uncle am not married. Why does that matter now?!"

Tobirama, "it's okay to save the present, but what about the future of the will if fire with the Senju?"

Tsunade, " it has a bright future, trust me."

Back to the fight.

Madara and Hashirama are standing across from Naruto and Obito.

Hashi, " hey are you related to he 4th Hokage? I meet him briefly but you look amazingly like him with he hair and that coat."

Naruto, ".I am Naruto Uzimaki, son of Minato Namekaze, 4th Hokage and Kushina Uzumaki."

Hashirama, " I see, well done young ninja. What is the plan now?"

Kabuto, " in deed, what will you do...Sasuke?"

Sasuke goes EMS the *his hand starts flickering with lightning. {he is vulnerable...}

Kurama, " hey i can't hood the Juubi back for ever, even with *Gyuki holding his tails from he other side!"

Suddenly Hashirama eyes turn black, Orchimaru using Zetsu abilities appears behind him placing the seal into his head.

Naruto," orochimaru...1st Hokage "

Madara restraints fall as they do his eyes get big, " no!"

Naruto looks to see behind him is *Obito with *His hand stretched out extending sharps roots inches away from his head.

Sasuke has impaled him from behind, "die!"

Obito falls limp, Naruto looks at Sasuke quietly.

Madara, {EMS?} " you stupid boy, you just ruined my plans! Now how an I gonna *become the Juubi's jinchurikki?!"

Sasuke, " not my problem"*

He glances at Naruto, "this isn't my War, but I owed him that."

Kurama, " we still got a problem!"

Orochimaru sees Kabuto, "hmmm, oh yes, the Sharinghans."

Sasuke, " what are you babbling about?"

Kabuto, " he has my memories, i discovered Obito had a supply of *Sharinghans from the Uchiha massacre."

Sasuke stars at him with anger, "don't you dare."

Orochimaru *standing beside Hashirama and Madara, "i could bring back your entire clan, don't you want that?"

Hashirama claps his hands and a root extends from the Juubi to his head.*

Orohimaru, " hmmm very promising things I have at my disposal now. Cells from the living first Hokage back at tobi's HQ. i could create the RG over and over again, using your clan members. How exciting!"

We see all e ninja looking up at the conversation that is happening way above them.

Kakashi and Sakura are standing close to each other.
Voice, " hey, you still trying to use that jutsu?!"

Naruto,{that jutsu, maybe I...}

we see Tobirama with Tsunade and the other Kages, he has Oohnki in his arms wrapped in his cape.

Rock ninja, " lord Tsuchikage?!"

Temari, " Gaara!"

Bee from inside Gyuuki's mind, {brother is here, never fear double lariat will make the *bad guy disappear!}

Tobirama is instantly beside Orchimaru, he touches Hashirama, " no more."

Orochimaru jumps *back and Madara gies on guard by sending *ranches towards him.

Tobirama, " Edo Tensei : contract transfer!"

Suddenly Naruto looks to his shoulder and Tobirama is touching him with his other hand.

Orochimaru, " what did you do?!"
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