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Re: 619 prdections l spoilers

Tobirama, "this kid is now in control if Hashirama, it the secret detail if my jutsu. I always perfected it, i just didnt release every detail. I mean was a secret jutsu you know?"

Naruto, " i don't want to control the Hokage! "

Tobirama, " well either you or him, besides you can set him free or release it at any time."

Madara, " you were always a nuisance."

Naruto, "grandpa Tobirama is not a nuisance, he is a great powerful Hokage from he Leaf village! The will of fire is strong with all of us, that is what you feel. That is why you and anyone else will fail. We all have an unbeatable will!
Tobirama, " i see."*He starts to crumble

Tobirama, "Tsunade, you were right little flower. He will *carry on the will very well. Take care of my brother Naruto, see you later Tsunade Uzumaki , my little flower."

Eveyone sees him pass on.

Ninja around look at Tsunade.

Tsunade, " What i was given my mothers last name and don't even think about calling *me little flower!"

Raikage, "hmmm, i think it fits you."

Tsunade blushes, " oh?"

Omoi is nearby, {what if they get married, they will make *e be he best *man! I hate wearing suits. Does that *mean she will be the*Co-Raikage? Will we all have to move to the leaf *village? Moving is such a chore!}"oh man"

Atop Kurama.

Naruto, " i feel you have gotten stronger Sasuke, what do u say, can you take the real Madara?"

Sasuke, " why would I do that?"

Naruto, " well I just thought you might have a few words for the guy that started all this. He was the one *behind all of Obito's moves."

Sasuke, " hmmm, he would be a good opponent to measure myself against, before you. Besides he gives the Uchiha a bad name."

Madara, " stay over there where it is safe, little Uchiha i am immortal *I cannot die in this *body."

Sasuke, " good, no matter how much u wish you were *it won't end. I will enjoy this."

Orochimaru suddenly stabs Madara with the seal tag. He*jumps *behind Kabuto, "i am not done with you."

Naruto, " what are you doing?! I thought this wasn't your War?!"

Orochimaru, " it isn't, goodbye."

Madara does hand signs and we see meteors coming down again.

Naruto, {dammit, there are so many!}*

Everyones eyes are focused.

A huge explosion occurs miles of rubble and debris fly.

As the smoke clears we see rocks everywhere. Ninja weapons laying around broken. *There are many dead.*

We see Orchimau using Zetsu abilites to cine from underground with Kabuto inside him. Juugo is dead, but Suigetsu is a puddle but knocked out.

Madara is reforming, the Juubi is heavily injured. madara unsummons him and jumps over by Orochimaru. They walk off together.

Orochimaru, " i have plans that you may fit nicely in."

Else where we see Naruto laid out, around him is team 7. As we look
*There are thousands of alliance ninja present. They are on turtle Island.

Hahirama, " he is quit a ninja isn't he?"

Kakashi, " he saved 3/4 of the Allaince, with his time space jutsu. I have never seen it done on quite a scale."

Sakura, " oh Naruto, you..."

Hinata runs over, " naruto!"*

She hugs him.*

Hinata, " he won't be happy when he wakes up, because he didn't save everyone."

Kakashi," what about you, will you be here when he wakes up?"

Hashirama, "it seems I am not needed. My legacy lives on in you all. He will make an excellent Hokage, but not right now. When he wakes, Tsunade, give him the Senju scroll and Uzumaki tablets."

Tsunade nods her head.

Hashirama, " will of fire lives on."

He passes on.

Kurama from inside Naruto, {this jid is amazing. He even bothered saving me.}

Sasuke,"no one is faster than him."

Everyone looks over as he is sitting with his head *lowered.

Sakura, "he even saved you..."

Sasuke, "yes, I know. I get it now. But i am not him, i cant go around forgiving people! Orochimaru is now gonna experiment on the eyes of my clan, i can't allow that!"

Raikage and he other Kage tand in front of him along with other ninja.

Mifune from the side, " you still have crimes to be addressed."

Sasuke, " i have no intention on letting you stop me."

Suddenly Naruto is in between them.
Everyone is shocked.

Naruto, " that will be addressed but this isn't over. After we stop Orochimaru, then we will see about that other stuff!"

Sasuke, " we?"

Naruto smiles but starts to fall then suddenly Bee comes to his aide as well as Sasuke, lensing a shoulder.

Bee, " hey what the hell, by gones be by gones, the hunt for Snake dide is on!"

Kakashi, { no way we can argue with him now.} " okay, we will deal with all of our Alliance business first. You Naruto you rest and get better, then you all can head out. Besides you still need to train."

Tsunade, " good idea 6th Hokage, besides i have some special training for him. Directly from the first Hokage!"

Kakashi, " 6th Hokage, that again?!"

Sasuke, " i guess there is no getting rid of you now huh?"

Naruto tired, " this what brothers do."

Sasuke, {brothers}

kurama,{just when we thought was over, you have more chapters to go through huh kid?}

Next issue starts the Sharinghan hunt arc!
"eyes of darkness"
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