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Re: Naruto_619

Originally Posted by Wolverine View Post
I thought the EMS was a step above the MS and could be activated accordingly. Also presume Madara did it, but I have a feeling I'm wrong here. Not sure really.

Also, Hashirama seemed a little 'off-beat', compared to what I thought he'd be. Then again, this could just be a prelude to the Hashirama/Naruto - Madara/Sasuke connection. A way to denote that someone like Naruto with his ideals could also be a God among shinobi (whether he is or isn't is and shall always be up for debate).

Edit: Am I the only one who felt Tobirama acted like a prick, also bossing over Hashirama, capitalizing on his softness? According to the info provided, he certainly seems to match the man whose actions caused the Uchiha's segregation (probably veritable in their justification), but he seemed rather arrogant to me. Lol.

They can go SG, MS, EMS, RG

Madara used a basic SG when he first fought against the Alliance party, he then went EMS on Raikage...and then RG on Naruto.......

the Sharingans can be activated in accordance to their sequential it's IMO not permanent....

Yeah Tobimaru was quite the DICK in this chapter....He stole the thunder under Hashi's ass....told him SILENCE! I didn't like that coming from the younger and weaker brother....

EDIT: As stated we are not sure if they can go EMS+RG back to base SG

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