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Re: Naruto_619

Originally Posted by Wolverine View Post
If you think about it, the MS and the EMS have the same powers, just different degrees for ease of use and requirement strain. Unless you consider the Ultimate Susano'o a different technique that is only acquirable with the EMS considering the strain that even normal MS goes under while using it.

Otherwise the techniques are the same. So even if the eye design is different, the abilities more or less the same.

Actually, it's not that he can't activate Sharingan since he has EMS. The Sharingan is the base level, which once ascended, should go to the MS form. But considering that the eyes have been swapped, the design from the user's original eyes might not appear since it isn't the same eye anymore, instead a fusion of two eye powers. So the evolution to the next stage would be EMS directly instead of MS since the original eye is replaced.

Edit: Also, the EMS negates the drawback of the MS while retaining the use of the same techniques should the user want to. Hence it makes no sense to show the MS design since EMS is the same without those drawbacks.

I know this and as I said I far Kishi has not made it clear...yes MS is basically the same as EMS just without the risks....won't go blind and you gain a I gotya....I always compare it to Super Saiyan in Uchihas....after getting used to base mode they can walk around in it without a drawback. Even though this comparison differs greatly. lol I can't think of anything else ...
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