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Re: Naruto 620 Predictions/Spoilers

620 - Life of the Hashirama Senjuu

Sasuke narrows his eyes at Hashirama Senjuu as he ask him questions !

Sasuke: what is village ?! , what is shinobi ?!

Hashirama Senjuu: ?!

Hashirama Senjuu's face expression changes to serious as he stop being goffy, while Second turns his face sligthly to hashirama with hands folded on his waist, with Hiruzen and Minato turning their head's to Hashirama.

Hashirama(being serious): Everything began long time ago, since my birth I have fought all time. I was born in time of wars along with Tobirama, my brother.

Hashirama: Since our birth we were taught to fight by our parents to survive in times of wars. However our Senjuu clan secretly was searching solution to stop this wars....

Tobirama (reminds himself what did happen): sigh..., you are going to talk about it...

Hashirama: Yes...


Hashirama and Tobirama as childs are shown sitting down on ground in front of their parents.

Hashirama: Father, why have to train and fight all time ?, what is the meaning of it ?!

Tobirama: Uchiha clan is our enemies, that why ?

Father: tsk..., we have to train and fight our whole life time, because we have to be prepared for wars with other clans.

Mother: Our Senjuu clan along with Uchiha clan are hired in these time of wars, as we are most powerfull ninja.

Father: Unfortunetly, this is true..., when someone hire our clan to fight other hire Uchiha clan, that makes us enemis. However ,even I can see that these is too much hate in this world..., this is not something our Ancestor wanted us to do...

Mother: Our Ancestor, younger son of Sage of six paths, god himself wished for Senjuu clan to unite with Uchiha clan finding understanding, ever lasting peace...

Father: Hashirama, Tobirama I believe you found way to reach peace some day.


Hashirama: Many times Uchiha clan have clashed with Senjuu clan, while we are growing up. Time passed , as I along with my brother took part in this war personally, clashing with Uchiha clan.

Tobirama: It was first time, when we met these brothers of Uchiha...

Hashirama: indeed, Madara Uchiha and Izuna Uchiha.

Hashirama: We as them most powerfull shinobi in Senjuu clan against them as most powerfull shinobi of Uchiha clan.

Hashirama: From then, many times we have clashed again, and again.

Tobirama: There was always a lot of dead ones on both sides.

Hashirama: Exactly, I began slowly to understand what our parents meant.

Tobirama: that he mean...

Hashirama: Once time I was in our sacred Senjuu Temple, which is hidden behind Mountain of Hokages in deep forest, that only Senjuu or Uzumaki can find way there.

Tobirama: None could enter this temple, without knowledge and certain abiliites.

Hashirama: Exactly..., like Uchiha and Hyuuga clans ancestor left them tablet in Naraka Shrine, Senjuu and Uzumaki clans ancestor left us tablet too in undeground passage under mountain of Hokages to which only entrance of Senjuu Temple lead.

Tobirama: contain of this tablet can only be shown as Senjuu life force was transfered with mere touch. Obviously more powerfull Senjuu was more he can read.

Hashirama: Exactly.


Sacred Senjuu Temple is shown from front view, with closure on entrance to Senjuu temple.Young Hashirama and Tobirama are shown standing in front of stone tablet with one of each of them put on opossite side of tablet. Fire from derivatives is throwing light on Senju brothers faces.


Hashirama: Many secrets are written there.... Order of reading more is basic Senjuu body Senjutsu, you can read little, then powered up Senjuu body ,you can read more, Pernament Senjuutsu Senjuu body you can read even more, with finally Bijuu chakra along with Senjuu body you can read all.

Hashirama: it says that shinobi is human who can love, hate, expierience all feelings but under control. Shinobi has to endure pain, loss of loved ones.

Tobirama: However Shinobi has to accept some things are impossible to do, accept own failures but try to always do his/her best.

Hashirama: True power of shinobi is comming from his love, not hate. Shinobi can be only powerfull when they protect close ones to them, famliy, friends even being ready to sacrifice themselves for greater good.

Sasuke: I see...*reminds when Naruto protected Sakura from Gaara*, so that it.

Hashirama: Time have passed, as Uchiha clan and Senjuu clan was tired of fighting so we decided to create alliance.

Sasuke: Senjuu and Uchiha created alliance ?!

Tobirama: exactly, young Uchiha...

Hashirama: Madara Uchiha as Uchiha leader along with Izuna Uchiha his younger brother signed alliance with me senjuu clan leader along with my little brother named Tobirama Senjuu. Finally we were free of Wars, loosing bloods of our beloved ones, peace was reached...

Suddenly Hashirama face expression changes from serious to sad as he continues to speak.

Hashirama: at least i think. However it was only begining to great tragedy...

Everyone(without Tobirama): ?!


621 - Village hidden in leaves - comming soon...
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