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Re: Naruto_619

You guys have far better comprehension and memory than I do. I don't remember diddly-squat about the first and second Hokage from their first battle, so I wasn't too bothered by the first being all "lol so randumb XD". I liked the dynamic that the second is a bigot who tried affirmative action, but knew it would eventually backfire anyways. He just wanted to keep the damage to a minimum. Can't really blame him.

And more Itachi wankery. "At the age of seven he was already thinking like a Hokage!" Jeez, can he be any more Gary Stu-perfect? Still, glad to get a little more insight on him. After all, he is kind of the reason so much shit has happened.

I can't see how Sasuke can stay vengeful after all of this. He just found out that the Uchiha are complete assholes (granted, a bigoted authority figure told him this, so eh) and that Itachi's motives were selfless and for the greater good. In the end he's gonna be all "WELL I'MMA AVENGE MY CLAN BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE POO POO HEADS" and the second Hokage will say "Lol called it." Pretty boring, I think.
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