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Re: Naruto_619

Hell yea I'm back!
Sasuke is finally back too and is learning why itachi did what he did and what was needed to drive him to b so strong. Itachi's smart as hell we all kno that but it makes everything make more sense. The uchiha are emo lmao. Makes a lot of sense. My boy oro finally got his arms back, good shit. He couldn't have done this earlier so I understand. With bodies rejecting him left and right, nt enough bosses on his team to battle konoha and akatsuki lurking around it makes sense to me. Love the 1st and 2nd hokoge personality. Seems like the first has been strong naturally and training where as the second constantly had to compete with his big bro to get some respect so he's a lil more serious. That's hw I see it. Anyway this will change sasukes personality, even tho he could have pulled this off on his own like sugetsu said (make them do it thru genjutsu and sacrifice themselves) it would have took some time and orochimaru as sasukes ambassador makes sense too IMO. Sasuke will learn the "truth" n prolly end up on the battlefield all epic to help naruto, I just dnt kno if oro and the Kage will go too. All in all I'm happy js to see my boy again. Good chap to me.
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