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Re: Naruto_619

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
I am not getting the Tobirama Hype? The guy is literally nothing special at all...

He has water jutsu that even kakashi is capable of without an affinity to water, unmastered edo tensai so he cannot use that and unknown Time space jutsu that are so fodder they are not even worth mentioning.

In fact, you guys only argument for tobirama being able to likely beat sasuke is because he is immortal and indestructible. But, sasuke has already seen how to stop edo tensai with kabuto just days before... and has many different jutsu that can immobilize tobirama so he can genjutsu rape Oro and get it over with...

Amaterasu can burn tobirama continuously for seven days without him being able to stop it without shinrei tensai as shown by nagato... And in that time, sasuke can likely find a way to put tobirama away in his own t/s dimension he used to transport to when he escaped deidara's blast...

Tsukuyomi can paralyze tobirama in an instant and leave him that way for quite a while until he regains control of his nervous system...

Edo tensai being an earth jutsu is weak to Raiton, thus sasuke uses raiton to immobilize tobirama and his ability to regenerate...

All of which leaves sasuke plenty of time to figure out what to do with them in order to stop them for good.

And if sasuke has the sword of totsuka from having itachi's eyes... Then I doubt any of the kages other then minato would be able to beat sasuke... but that has yet to be confirmed, only expected...
you obviously missed my reply to your last post on this matter but Tobirama has T/s Jutsu , bringer of darkness, edo tensei, his lightning sword, water techs on a greater level than kissame, plus intimate knowledge of all uchiha and leaf techniques due to his tenure as hokage.

Tobirama can set Sasuke on the run with water dragon jutsu make shit go all black rendering his sharingan weakened, (he can confuse Sasukes chakra sensing ability by using shadow clones, while in the dark open a portal behind him and drom him into a location surrounded by edo tensei zombies encased in a water prison that will rip sasuke to shreds.

there isn't anythign Sasuke can do but inact soosanoo but that wont stop him from suffocating in a water prison
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