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Re: Naruto 620 Predictions/Spoilers

bored as dick and putting off work:

Hashirama: To be a shinobi?

Tobirama: A foolish question. As an Uchiha and as a warrior yourself you obviously know--

Sasuke: I didn't address you.

Tobirama: Insolent child!

Hiruzen: Let your brother speak Tobirama. He may have more to offer Sasuke than you know.

--a '...' pause, before Hashirama speaks up--

Hashirama: Shinobi...the world looks upon us with fear; it sees us as nothing more than the weapons by which the powerful wage their wars.
Hashirama: But we are human ourselves. Some would say that our duty is to close off our emotions, to become tools of remorseless destruction.
Hashirama: This belief has brought this world to arms, allowed feudal lords and kage to allow the deaths of countless thousands, even millions if so much time has passed.
Hashirama: I am Senju, the paragon of my people's beliefs just as strongly as its bloodline. I sought to unite the world in peace. I hoped that, with love and understanding, I could undo hundreds of years of strife. Maybe I was vain to believe it.
Hashirama: But I entered a pact with the Uchiha, those who were supposed to be our mortal enemies *Sasuke becomes more attentive*, with the hope that, with both the great clans united as a single body, we could bring the other clans together.
Hashirama: This village was meant to serve as the center of the world for shinobi. I wanted to end our perpetual service to feudal lords, to allow us to exist as the human beings we are. I particularly hoped to bring this to my people and the Uchiha.
Hashirama: We had spent an eternity in bloodshed. We were the first called to action in each and every war. Our people had been weakened and wearied, and our village, the very first, had the potential to end the fighting.
Hashirama: I only wish that he had trusted us, that he would have worked with us to finally end the pain of our world.

Sasuke: Madara.

Hashirama: Yes. He was too filled with hate and darkness. Hate for the Senju and its allies. Hate for me above all else. I could see it in him, I knew what he might become from the look on his face.

Sasuke: Your enemy.

Hashirama: No. The heir to your people's forebear.
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