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Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Within the context of the story, it makes sense actually. Here's a Dude who's entire race was slain, on a random afternoon. By his Brother, sent by basically his own village, including his parents, in front of him. Then the gift of charity states that Dude has to live the early part of his life in the village, that sent his Bro, and he never even knew of the Village's past moves against his clan. Over the span of his life he went after to kill his Bro, to avenge his clan, and finds out it was all a rouse, and his Bro was basically used again like a tool to watch over they're enemies, whilst calling him one to everybody that would hear.

Now it shows maturity within Sasuke for not simply going ape after talking to Sarutobi, as if that wasn't enough, the particular way Tobirama chose to speak about Uchiha's warranted a response, therefore his eyes activated because he was beginng to truly get pissed. It would be one thing if Sasuke walked in shitting on everything that was Senju like Madara, but he simply came in with questions, and got pissed because he was getting lip after all of his circumstances. I didn't create the percieved animosity, Kishi did when he lit up his eyes for no other apparent reason.

im not saying sasuke doesn't have a reason to be angry he does but wat itach did was for the better of the village. had he not done what he did the leaf would be gone most or all of the uchiha's would be gone do to the up coming war they would have started with the other villages. itach choose the village over standing with his clan and choose the peace over war.

also its not like the leaf was completely off if im not mistaken there was not one uchiha in the village during the 9 tails attack beside itach although i will wait until that part comes to light it is pretty funny how a powerful clan like that does have not one member present when all it would have took was one to take the 9 tails under there control not that its easy but obito did it when he was 15 -16 so im guessing but a grown uchiha could have done it

and im not talking about sasuke's actions im talking about the ppl on this site n the way they argue over pointless things
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