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Question Re: Naruto_619

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
#1 At Naruto's Birth, when Obito was attempting to take Kyuub's from Kushina, it was a 'disaster'. It wasn't anything expected, or planned for, for example though Sasukes' Mom even talked to Kushina prior to Naruto's birth, the actual time, and place was supposedly secret. So nobody expected it.

#2 Itachi was shown holding Sasuke as a baby in fear because he could feel the Kyuubi, as well as Sasuke whom was crying, ever gather what theother Uchiha's could too? Nothing but die like Iruka's parents.

#3 Sarutobi the previous Hokage show'd up, and did shit, and he was onsite. Never made it to the actual battle, why not shit on him?

#4 Just because Uchiha's can ultimately control th Kyuubi, IF THEY WANTED TO, but at the time of Naruto's birth, ONLY OBITO WAS STRONG ENOUGH TO CONTROL THE KYUUBI. Kyuubi isn't some contract summons, and ain't easily controlled. No other 'grown' Uchiha could've done shit, by the time Obito was at that point, only Madara, and Izuna, ever had eyepowers strong enough to control the Kyuubi, and neither was still living, Obito was just following Madara's plan. Uchiha's obviously had nothing to do with the Kyuubs that night, nothing.

still it does seem pretty odd that not a single uchiha was there when all of the other clans were. so what was the uchiha's doing, if a kid itach and baby sasuke can feel the 9 tails why not the rest of the them there fucking eyes see chakra and at the time no one had more chakra then the 9 tails not to mention sasuke's mom seen Kushina moments befor she left the village and if sasuke can see the 9 tails in naruto i doubt no one could see it in kushina

P.S im not saying that they had anything to do with it just that it looks odd from the leafs point of view that there greatest defense against the 9 tails wasn't even there to try n stop it as much as u love the uchiha u must admit that's a lil funny
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