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Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Yes they were elite... vs other shinobi. If they were so elite as to be able to genjutsu control any bijuu, the Leaf could've, and would've take all of they're enemies Bijuu's at will throughout time. Naruto wouldn't have been special, they would've had multiple Jinks. Now even Chiyo stated its crazy to attempt to fight an Uchiha one on one, but remember were talking ninja.

Kyuubs has been controlled by Madara, Obito, and that is all. Sasuke never 'controlled', or attempted to. He only 'invaded' that special realm between Jink, and Bijuu, and seemingly evicted Kyuubs from the realm. He wasn't seeking a battle, control, and Kyuubs commented on his power how much greater than a normal shinobi, to the point of putting him in Madara's neighborhood.

For real, no other Uchiha achieved these feats, Shisui was way too young, as were Itachi, and Sasuke. No other Uchiha have ever been named to achieve MS, or the ability to control the Kyuubs. Not in the manga anywhere, therefore they were about as effective against the Kyuubs that night as the Hyuuga. They could've prolly seen its chakra well before it killed them.

Lastly, look at what Oro stated, they weren't looked upon by everyone as 'comrades' and were seperated as if they had AIDS or some shit. Why would I the AIDS Bringer, run to anyones aid that basically used me as a servant on a chain, that needs to be controlled and monitored. It would've prolly been equal to aliens invading the Master big white house at 2:00 a.m..... 'Damn, hope Masters whip work against that shit, if I do go see what happened, it'll be after somebodies wiped out first to see whom I work for.'

Think it this way, how many other Uber Senju have we heard of besides, Harashirma, Tobirama, and Tsunade, and notice the extra long break between generations after the 2nd. Uchihas/Senju were simply clans that because of they're abilities were destined to die out, maybe like the Uzimaki's.
i get where your coming from that there haven't been any know uchiha's with that kind of power in the village but still the lack of trying is what im getting at the uchiha's were all but gone except itachi and sasuke. plus you mean to tell me that sasuke at 15 was stronger then any uchiha that lived in the village at the time so his father leader of the clan was weaker then sasuke at 15 no one other then obito n madara could have taken control or suppressed the 9 tails

again im not saying that they had anything to do with the attack all i am saying is that it looks kinda weird that not a single uchiha stepped up also there was more then just sasuke's dad in that meeting place where the table is who had strong eyes but again no one even tried to defended there home

P.S the uzimki's are different they didnt die out they where wiped because of the fear of there sealing justu the uchiha's were wiped out because of there ideas that they are better then the other and was willing to risk a civil war and world war for there own goals the uchiha clan is just as much to blame as the leaf im mean your really going to start a war because u were moved to a new location be real that's a pretty dumb reason to kill people who had nothing to do with it sasuke had the best solution kill the one who had something to do with the order the 3rd is already dead he killed danzo so the only ones left are the 2 elders no one really cares about
i come from a real point of view so don't try that fake shit with me
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