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Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Sasuke at ~17 is stronger than Fugaku was when he was the leader of the Uchiha. This is a fact shown by Sasuke not only having the Mangekyo, but Eternal Mangekyo. As for where the Uchiha were when the Kyuubi attacked, who the fuck knows. But it was stated that the attac was such that the Uchiha were going to be blamed, since only the Uchiha and Hashirama were known to have the power to control the Kyuubi.
that's 100% true but im talking about before gained those he still had enough power in his eyes to suppress the 9 tails so no other uchiha had strong enough eyes to at least put up a fight im not saying the whole clan but they had to have had a strong member in the clan before itachi came into power
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