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Re: Yonkou_Power_Levels

.....wut ?

BB stated at the end of MF that the time would come for him to take on Shanks. Shanks is not only one of Luffy's friends and benchmarks, but he has beef with BB, evident by the talk he had with WB when Ace left to take revenge on BB in WB's name. He will most likely be killed by BB, raising the stakes in the inevitable Luffy vs BB fight.

I mean yeah duh...reason I have Shanks and BB set up this way is out of assumption BB would try something against Shanks...another duh that he would be killed off by BB...Part of my reason for saying BB isn't at the top he would of already gotten rid of Shanks. Already stated that BB's fight with Luffy will have more than enough motivation. (BB handing over Ace to WG to die) (also possibly killing off SHanks) I would also like to hope Luffy also picks up another DF. I am wondering would Oda have the gull to give BB haki traits. He is already one tough dude to square off against. .I am just trying to see Luffy fight against BB with just Haki...BB after time skip (assuming) would be more prone to building up defenses against such attacks. He is also a D. as well....

anyway though...

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