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Re: Naruto_619

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
I understand that its doing the same process, my point is that the only characters with the ability to use T/S or something similar to move they're own body to another location are Obito, Hanzo, Tobirama, and Minato. Sasuke isn't using T/S to move his body like them. T/S was used through Sasukes blood contract, and Suigetsu's use on the summoning seal. Sasuke didn't will himself to another location T/S and has never had such ability is what me and Ask's point was.
I understand what you're getting at Neo, but let me clarify something. T/S jutsu in general is simply moving something from point A to point B instantly. When a ninja signs a summoning scroll what they are doing is making themselves into point A, while making the animals they can summon the Point B. That's how summoning and reverse summoning work. Naruto and the toads are essentially the opposite ends of the same T/S jutsu, and either one can summon the other to their location.

The same exact process applies to Minato and his use of FTG. Minato is point A and his Daggers are Point B. And just as Naruto can summon any different number of toads he chooses (they are all considered Point be for illustration purposes), Minato can appear at any dagger he desires.

I really don't know anything about Hanzo or Tobirama's techs, so I won't comment, but Obito may be a bit of an abnormality, but he's uchiha so it's an expected hax.

Edit: As for sasuke, your right that he didn't use T/S. We're all (except kyf) in total agreement there. He simply summoned a creature using a T/S jutsu and hoped aboard for the return ride.

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