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Re: Naruto 620

Originally Posted by Tmoore View Post
edit on phone. what i am implying is that we will get to see all the hokages in action after this talkfest. is anyone else besides me to see vote fight finally
Yeah finally ready for the VOTE flashback....I am not understanding your previous comment...Are you saying Tobirama caused the destruction in the room? or Tobirama caused the tension to to rise due to his need to head to battle? Yeah Tobi was slightly hyped but then put back in his he is no where near Hashi's level...This actually hypes Hashi a little more....Hashi is able to do as he likes...he could and would break out of ET...he is listening to Sasuke and Oro out of respect....He doesn't want another Madara esp in this generation...Hashi caused the ruckus in the room...his chakra alone is just too magnificent. His ultimate wood dragon was kinda beast too. What we saw was the not so revered Kage put everyone on the edge of their shitter...He freaked everyone out including Sasuke who had Juugo as a shield..Anyway Tobirama may have raised his fingers...and told his brother to silence..but as soon as Hashi got real....all the bickering stopped....
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