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Re: Naruto 620

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
So the power scaling of the Hokages has changed again.

1. Hashirama
2. Tobirama
3. Hiruzen
4. Minato
5. Tsunade
I've yet to see anything that shows Tobirama is stronger than Hiruzen or Minato. Besides, Hiruzen was still able to beat Tobirama and Hashirama at the same time while fighting Orochimaru. While this chapter revealed they weren't restored to full strength, Kishi made it clear Hiruzen didn't have his full power due to his old age either (a weakness he didn't saddle Onoki with). And for Minato to successfully confront the Kurama, beat down Mr. Untouchable, take Kurama out of his control and seal it into his newborn child all while protecting his dying wife and son? Hell, he only died because he didn't want to live without his wife.
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