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Re: Bleach 526

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Placing all bets is Unohana going to die? Story wise she should die though Byakuya should have died as well.
Yes she is gonna die and I hope she burns in HELL! (Sam Jackson voice) (Time to Kill moment lol)

lol anyway jokes aside...yes she should die but for what purpose besides propelling Kenpachi? She is a captain of her own division...i just see it as a cheap excuse to kill someone off...She has barely been seen in the soon as she gets interesting and her character develops...she is killed off before we see any true promise of her skill...I wanted to see her hair roam free as she scraped scalps..but alas Kubo killed her because he needed something to end this chapter...Shit we all thought she died last chapter..... So now what? Zaraki heads to Kyroya(spl) (new head captain)...."YO!" "I killed her." "Yeah..and I still can't use my shikai." "But for fuck sake man did I get a BONER!!"

anyway no more
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