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Re: Naruto 620

Originally Posted by stubborn_d0nkey View Post
and this

Are in conflict. So which is it? Are absorbing and body jumping different things or what?

Same thing*

"Yes a big duh but there were those who said it was simply just a body jump and he didn't absorb Zetsu for such reasons."

You're missing it.... I was stating he purposely body jumped to Zetsu yes..but not to survive the blow to the gut...this goes in with his *own* goal and plans. He even says he still has research to do or some line like that. He def had reasons to go along with Sasuke. Not for the reasons he is making it out to be....(to help Sasukes resolve)

Edit: I might be misunderstanding what you wrote but did you try to say/imply that oro having Hashi cells shows that taking over zetsu was planned?
No not saying he planned it...(Kabuto planned to have a Zetsu clone)just saying I don't find it to be a coincidence either... He knew of the six clones within Sasuke...he has already researched Hashi's cells to the max...With such research they found a vaccine to A. Stop hashi's power B. How to properly use his cells/power. (remember he also worked on Danzo as well with Sharingan and Hashi cells) Oro is no dummy...He has a Hashi replica body (though weak) He is able to strengthen his own jutsu and more than likely use some form of Mokuton.
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