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Re: Naruto 620

Originally Posted by J-man123 View Post
Minato is not strong he is just a genius, which is why he was hokage, he effectively only had one jutsu the FTG and used it with incredible efficiency, his raw power is nothing, and is most likely less then Tsundaes power
Minato is not a push over...He could summon the chief Toad...(which requires a lot of chakra, (so his chakra pool is also high)

He has S/T barrier and a S/T mobility jutsu (FTG)

Genius...It is not the attributes that make them Kage but how they use their jutsus and knowledge. Raikage is more powerful than Minato...but Minato has battle smarts. The end result..which we all saw Raikage would of lost. It doesn't take away from the other Kages though...He is in his own league. He has his own style of fighting.. Could Minato take on Hurizen...who knows...Hurizen was called the God of Shinobi once....knew every jutsu in Konoah...It would come down to knowledge of Jutsu and speed of attack....

Minato may not be some huge powerhouse who could knock someone out with his chakra alone....but he's def not someone to overlook...or some pushover that Tsunade could beat
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