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Re: Naruto 620

The term "genius" in Naruto is used to call someone a prodigy in respect to their power, skills, and potential. It does not refer to intelligence. That's why Shikamaru is considered a master strategist, but never a genius. That's reserved for people like Neji and Sasuke. The only thing that held Naruto back from this was he never had anyone to train him at home unlike the other students.

The Flying Thunder God was definitely Minato's best move, but not his only one. He had the Summoning Technique, Food Cart Destroyer, Rasengan, Death Demon Consuming Seal, Eight Trigrams Sealing Style, and Four Element Seal. He could also sense chakra, transfer chakra, and modified FTG to make a special space/time barrier. Hell, he's the only person to land a hit on Obito through his own power or without planning years in advance.

Tsuande beats him in physical strength and healing tech, not chakra or skill. Regardless, both her and Jiraya agreed that Minato was the greatest shinobi ever produced by Konoha, putting him above at least Tsunade and Hiruzen.
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