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Re: Naruto 620

Tsunade's just a combined 50% Senju and Uzumaki and healing all the injured put her in a coma without doing anything else prior. Minato used a FTG about half a dozen times, teleported a fucking Tailed Beast Bomb, leveled a bitch with a Rasegan, summoned Gamabunta, teleported Kurama and ANOTHER Tailed Beast Bomb, summoned the Death God without some bullshit ass mask, sealed away half Kurama's chakra, got impaled by that thing's giant finger nail, and still had enough chakra to seal away Kushina's and enough of his own to-reseal Kurama during the Invasion of Pain, and sealed the reminder of Kurama's chakra into his son.

And not once did he ever bitch about his chakra levels or pass out despite not having super duper legendary lineage from Ninja Jesus or some other kekkai-genkai. Hiruzen could barely manage some arms with just a sword in him.

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
some crazy hax ( Minato ).
He created that hax all on his own. He wasn't born with it.
R.I.P. City of Heroes

You will be missed.

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