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Re: Naruto 620

Great chapter, the Kishi revival continues. Hashirama is clearly on a different level to everyone in the room and the 2nd is fat becoming one of my fav characters. Lol you know he is dying to kill this Uchiha upstart standing in front of him. Hashi can also break ET at any time so it's reassuring to know that Oro ain't gonna be bossing them for much longer.

About the power scaling, imo its Hashi then second place is up for grabs between Tobirama, Hiruzen and Minato. You can have all the jutsus in the world and even be proficient in using it, BUT if you can't catch your opponent with it, how useful is your arsenal?

Lol @EoJ talking rubbish about Tsuande. She saved the WHOLE village with her chakra and your gonna wank and say Minato has more chakra! Its people like you that give us fanboys a bad name with your retarded reasoning.

And btw, the SECOND Minato teleported the kyuubi he COMPLAINED about his chakra and said he has to use his LAST bit of chakra to set up a barrier etc. And as for his chakra 'living' inside Naruto, if you can't recognize how absurd and stupid it is that a TINY bit of his chakra literally lived and saw his sons entire life, then more fool you then boi.
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