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Exclamation Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Continuation from page 92

Naruto Fan Fic Chronicles: Promise

We continue where we left off still in the whirlpool country The Scene starts high up on the walkway moving slowly to a wood rail balcony where people are gathered looking downward, two of the people are Karin and Satoru who we zoom onto both of their faces who seem to be mesmerized on what is going down below

Satoru- This is Incredible….

Karin- I know….This is my first time to actually see both Sasuke and Naruto’s gleaming sweaty shirtless bodies simultaneously it is incredible…

We zoom in on Satoru’s face who looks over at Karin with a disgusted look but… Satoru then realizes that all the girls around him that looking downward have the same look on their face that Karin has….

Satoru- Ugh… NO… I mean look at this Training, Now I know why Naruto Comes back from his trips with learning such difficult Jutsu in such a short amount of time…. Just look at all of the Naruto’s down there!!!

We cut too a zoomed out view of the terrain down below to see one Thousand Naruto’s split into two groups training with so much energy as if they truly were ablaze….. One of the groups is in a mediating pose except they have something in their hand when we zoom in on one of the Naruto’s Hands we see a leaf with a little tiny ember smoking….We see Sasuke weaving in and out of this group preaching and ordering the Naruto’s around ….

Sasuke- Naruto, You must remember fire can burn anyone and anything even you so you must learn control, so think of our tree climbing training days

(show picture of Naruto and Sasuke climbing trees and cuts to Naruto and all the bumps on his head)

Sasuke- Too little and nothing will happen too much you will end up with something a lot worse than a bump on the head…. If you catch my drift

Naruto grunts and shakes his head as if he understands, but one of the clones right next to him is set on fire and poofs….


Sasuke looks upward at the tree canopy and we quickly see Naruto
watching everything down below

Naruto- Yeah, I was a little zealous there!

We cut back to Sasuke’s face, who gives a smirk but quickly turns his attention to the other group of Naruto’s who are standing under the waterfall Panting

Sasuke- Tough right?

All the Naruto’s look up at Sasuke still panting

Sasuke- Good, because it should be…. I know it’s easy for you to cut water with wind but when you are able to cut it in half with fire…. That is when we know you have the power…. And with power and control I promise you, You will be able to master any fire Jutsu you want !

With that said all the panting Naruto nods gives a huge grin and takes a deep breath in than exhales nothing but smoke and only for that smoke to be washed away by the constant flow of the falls…. Sasuke scoffs at the attempts turns away from the group and looks up with a smile on his face at Naruto

Sasuke- You got a long way to go Naruto!

Naruto Nods and goes back to meditating…. We cut back to Sasuke who is joined by Hinata

Hinata- even though he has a long way to go, its impressive he keeps going with this many clones

Sasuke looks at Hinata and smiles

Sasuke- Hinata, you don’t even know how impressive this feat actually is

Hinata looks at Sasuke with confusion and asks

Hinata- what do you mean Sasuke?

Sasuke looks back up at the Meditating Naruto and says

Sasuke- I only say that because you were not there when Naruto told me he will have to go easy on the clones for this training session…

Hinata looks around at all the clones and giggles

Hinata- he calls this taking it easy on the clones?

Sasuke chuckles

Sasuke- I said the same thing, when I asked how many clones will you be using then? and he said….


Naruto- One Thousand is all I can use at this time

Sasuke scoffs and then scratches his head

Sasuke- One Thousand clones you call that taking it easy?

Naruto closes his eyes and scratches his neck and smiles

Naruto- yep!

Sasuke- you got too be kidding me!! .... so how many clones would you usually train with?

Naruto- hmmm, about Five Thousand .

Sasuke- Five Thousand , you are kidding me right now?!....

Naruto- Nope

Sasuke- Then what is exactly stopping from using that amount now?

Naruto- Lets just say that chakra is being used at the moment…
We see Sasuke eyes widen and scene fades out white

Flashback ends

Hinata- I don’t understand Sasuke, why can’t he use that chakra

Sasuke glances at Hinata, tilts his head and smiles then quickly returns his focus on Naruto

Sasuke- Because Hinata, He is already using that chakra for those Four Thousand other clones training somewhere else…..

Hinata slowly looks up at Naruto who she seems to see a yellow aura around him

Sasuke- to think This Naruto is the same screw up I was teamed up with so long ago…. no one would ever believe it

???- You are Right

???- We don’t Believe You

??????- Uchiha!!!

The startled Sasuke and Hinata quickly turn to see the Two twins Riku and Daichi standing right behind them Sasuke gives his smirk and Hinata her nervous smile

Hinata- Hi, Riku and Daichi… umm

Sasuke- what are you doing here exactly!!?

Riku- we are here to

Daichi- Contain You.

Sasuke- Contain us?!?

Hinata- But why?!!

Daichi- We did not ask

Riku- we only obey our

Daichi & Riku- orders

Daichi- However we are not you enemy but

Riku- If you do not cooperate with us

Daichi- we will have to…

Naruto falls from the sky and Lands Between Riku & Daichi who are giants compared to him. Naruto only comes up to both the twins chests…. And while Riku & Daichi don’t budge, Sasuke and Hinata steps backwards away from Naruto… we Zoom in on Naruto who we cannot see his eyes because he is looking down, when he calmly smiles and with conviction in his voice asks Riku & Daichi

Naruto- You Will Have To Do What?!!

The twins stay silent

Continues ...
Check out my Fanfiction from the very Beginning on page "37" in Naruto Fan Fiction Thread and it continues on pages "47,49,57,61,62,63,70,71,72"

Thank You and Enjoy
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