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Re: Naruto 620

No other Kage is holding a candle to hashirama or tobirama these were the last 2 full blooded Senju here, damn near the closest you can get to the original lineage of the rikkudo sennin.

We have never even seen too much of tobirama in action but the feats he is capable of are astounding it is only left to imagination what type of area his water release can consume..I would say we can compare it to the most skilled water ninjutsu we have seen in the manga that of zabuza or kisame so just imagine that amplified to senju chakra levels it would be fucking insane if hashirama created the forests i would assume tobirama created the lakes lol..

Then, throw t/s ninjutsu and genjutsu on top of that with chakra sensing abilities and the sword of the thunder god+ edo tensei.. Somebody is getting fucked up!! Minato could have possibly surpassed tobirama but that IF will always be present because he did not. Ill say he is more powerful than the third because he surpassed the old fart before he even died which is sad.. But hes not holding a candle to either senju he had trouble defeating a uchiha brat with a basic sg and hashirama cells boosting his strength.. 1 v 1 ad gainst tobirama he would pose a challenge but get fucking stomped in the end.. Yes he was talented at creating seals and found a loophole into t/s ninjutsu probably through the 2nds teachings but, without his precursors he wouldnt have even been half of the shinobi he was anyways.. IMO
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