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Re: Bleach 526

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
She more or less explained it. Her healing is more suited for keeping herself alive and in combat indefinately. Since renji and byakuya are out of combat, her form of healing wouldn't be as effective on them.
I am not comprehending your answer....she says in the Mangastream that she developed this power...(to heal herself constantly, to come back from near death by using Kaidou) Kaidou = healing Kidou (it is the reason she has perfected Kaidou...for her benefit) It does not state anywhere that is solely for she has brought Kenpachi back countless times just in this one bout...Her power is basically the same of Tsunade's bleak imitation of Hashi's healing tech.

What does combat have to do with simply healing them???? Do you have to be in combat to use Kaidou? Is it only a self healing tech? The Zero Squad guy made it sound like she had other duties that took priority first. I do understand that her teachers techs are way better. I just don't get how she couldn't heal them and have them walk off to the Soul Palace...(to get juiced up)?

Also maybe I am the only one here but I don't get her bankai? Does blood flow from the sword and cover the room in darkness similar to Tosen's ability? It looked as if the sword was dripping blood and it covered every ounce of light?

anyway bored and just wanted a little more clarification

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