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Re: 621 predictions/spoilers

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
I am going to call it here... Hashirama has a forbidden jutsu that he can use to get past susanoo... It is the only way he could possibly be able to get through that thing... And the kinjutsu pretty much costs hashirama his life, being why he dies a couple years later...

It is the reason why madara claims only hahsirama could stop him...
y is that the only way he could have won last i checked the raikage and tusnada ( sorry for the spelling error) both broke throw susanoo with just there fist and the 1st is said to be even strong in raw power then the 2 of them so i dont see y he needs a forbidden jutsu to win if he has that wood soul jutsu he just used in combination with his wood dragon he doesn't need to use something so costly as a forbidden tech last i checked he walked away from this battle and when on to father at least 2 kids
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