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Re: Naruto 620

I'm going to have to say Hashirama would defeat Minato hands down. However I don't think Hashirama would have as easy a time as Madara did with the other Kages. I'm not suggesting Hashirama is weaker than Madara. I would say that we haven't see the full extent of Minato's abilities. There were several things constricting him from going all out against Obito.

Also I know Kishi's interviews are generally worthless (one must taken them with an entire mountain of salt) but in one interview he did say Minato had four signature techniques. He also said Naruto would learn all the techniques but he's only learned one Rasengan. So there is a possibility Minato still has some tricks up his sleeve. Ultimately of course within the Manga I think Minato's words will be his greatest weapon. They will be enough to convince Sasuke and therefore Orochimaru and the rest of Team Hawk to go assist Naruto. He will also convince the other Kages (maybe with a little assistance from Hiruzen) to entrust Sasuke, Naruto and the others with defending the world.
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