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Re: Naruto 620

Ok, who the hell is arguing that Minato could beat Hashirama? The healing factor alone edges out Minato's advantages.

When discussing Minato, one really has to distinguish power from effectiveness. Minato isn't powerful. Let's just get that out of the way. His skillset is meant to be as pragmatic in terms of killing a human opponent as possible. It doesn't have the overwhelming power to offset an auto-regen like Hashirama has (without ET), but against an enemy without a godly, constant defense (Susano'o) or a healing factor it is very effective. His prowess with seals doesn't really distinguish him among the kage since the only ones whom we lack reason to believe they're as skilled as him are Tobirama and Tsunade. And let's face it, Tsunade doesn't even blip the radar compared to the other four.

The thing with Minato is that, in terms of hurting him, speed has to be matched with speed. Otherwise he just poofs away. Hashirama is the only one who can circumvent this to our knowledge due to the pollen horseshit (we have no idea how Tobirama's S/T techniques work so there's no assuming they're combat pragmatic).

However, despite all of this, Minato's offensive capabilities rely on one trump. IF he can place the FTG seal on someone, he can basically have a field day with slitting their throat (as he's already done). Accomplishing that is where the challenge comes in, and we can make scenarios all goddamn day without actually proving shit whether he would have the capability to ever manage it against the other Kage.

tl;dr Minato <<< Hashirama. Minato << Tobirama and Hiruzen in power. So would the people fanwanking him into an invincible death machine chill the fuck out?
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