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Re: Naruto 620

@KYF: What the fuck part of "scenarios don't prove shit" was hard to glean from my post?

The pollen is an area of effect technique. All Hashirama has to do is camp out in the pollen zone and Minato can't do fuck to him. Minato has a severe disadvantage at long range against any of the hokage not named Tsunade. He can't get rid of the pollen without destroying the flower and he has no effective means to do so without exposing himself to Hashirama's onslaught. Warping away the pollen would basically require Minato to vacuum out all the air from the area. Which would A: suffocate his dumb ass and B: take a long ass time. This completely defeats the purpose of his entire "speed = effectiveness" fighting style.

He slit a mook's throat in an instant in Kakashi Gaiden. Shit if you're going to defend a character at least know his damn feats.

Minato is in no way the most skilled seal artist in the entire history of the Narutoverse. That's a load of fuck. The Uzumaki proper were much more skilled in the usage of skills than him, given that they were actually capable of sealing the whole of Kurama into a single jinchuuriki (as Kushina says she is able to do) where he was not capable at all. And then there's good ole Sage of the 6 Paths, who managed to seal the goddamned Juubi. Hashirama wielded the great sealing scroll or whatever of Konoha. It's piss fucking obvious that he was skilled in sealing. Hiruzen was equally capable of using the Shiki Fuin, which was the most powerful seal Minato had. So yeah.

The literal only chance Minato would have of killing Hashirama would be along the lines of double rasengan to the back of Hashirama's head. Attempting this would leave him wide the fuck open with no ability to rapidly adjust position. In other words, it would get him punched in the face with lethal force. Hashirama cannot be worn down. Papercut strategy cannot succeed against him. His chakra is of a scale on par with the tailed beasts and he can drain others' chakra much more effectively (remember how Zetsu can do that all damn day? Everything he does is Mokuton) than anyone can force him to use up his. So saying "his healing isn't unlimited" is worth about as much as saying "Minato's FTG isn't unlimited". The amount of chakra involved, comparing the usage to the total pool, is negligible.
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