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Re: Naruto 620

Originally Posted by Tmoore View Post
zetsu was made from hashirama so we can assume hashi can merge with earth and move as fast as zetsu can eliminating minatos speed advantage. hashirama can be wherever he wants as long as there is earth with no tags and considering he can make a forest in an instant tell me where minato stands a chance
Tmoore, but you forget even when compared to Obito..Zetsu was slow...even Tobi teased him by saying Tobi-"Took you long enough." another Trans "You're too slow." Zetsu says- " Excuse me for not moving at the speed of light!"

I would have to say Hashi would not be able to keep up. Obito's S/T has to be best! Minato would be second as he even said Obito's surpassed both their jutsus. Minato was shown to be faster. One could say Hashi is faster than Zetsu due to Zetsu being spawned from Hashi's cells. I still would say vs Minato's tags and Obito's warp/portal dimension...Hashi would still be too slow...
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