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Re: Naruto 620

This should be good.

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
LMAO, hashirama survived against madara fighting to gain his DNA,
This is just wrong. Madara was going for a kill. Gaining the DNA was a secondary objective. It's far easier to get DNA from a corpse than someone trying to kill you as well.

not even using any amaterasu or tsukuyomi...
Considering we haven't even seen the fight in its entirety yet, this is an argument from ignorance.

and the kyuubi is easily controlled by hashirama too... ANd yet he still needed his wife's help, sealing it away during their battle
Yes, because the manga clearly states she was only involved after he took the kyuubi away from Madara. He obviously needed her help in the fight. Also, you can clearly see Mito in every depiction of the fight we've ever seen. *sarcasm*

and could still only wound madara who was obviously holding back...
See above for argument from ignorance.

Yet Minato, without any KKG was able to Defeat Obito who was at EMS madara's level with KAMUI and one and a half hashirama clone bodies augmenting all his abilities...
None of this has ever been stated. Not sure how you figure just having half a hashirama body gives Obito, with just a single mangekyo, the same level of power as EMS level Madara.

And even beat the kyuubi, not HOLD him in place like hashirama did using his KKG to control him...
Sorry, but Minato died and simply resealed HALF of the kyuubi into a new host. He didn't beat him.

Ignoring the rest of your post since its nothing but argument from ignorance and fan wanking when the manga has clearly started that Hashirama is the strongest and Minato wouldn't stand a chance.
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