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Re: Naruto 620

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
If that is the true translation, not that I trust your translation skills ever since your shit translation of chapter 511 statement about banbutsu souzou...
Oh, you mean since you denied with every single inch of your being that Banbutsu Souzou didn't exist, just for a few months later to acknowledge it? Color me unsurprised, it's obvious a complete idiot won't like when he has to admit his idiocy. Your reaction to Tobi=Obito must have been priceless, having to face the fact that even Kishimoto at his lowest isn't as braindead as you are.

but "During" means nothing... It's the fact it said "In that battle" as in the one between hashirama and madara...

And if the other part really said "to gain the power of the kyuubi" and not "to aid him"... Then ask yourself...

... my god, your English grades couldn't possibly have been higher than a C in school. Clauses within a phrase, you know what that is? The "in that battle" is intricate to the clause of Hashirama getting the Kyuubi, there's no indication it transpires to the next clause (of Mito harnessing Kyuubi's power).

Let's take an example that even a third-grader would understand:

" At 4 PM, I bought a CD and, to listen to it in the best way, I played it on my PC."

By your complete lack of reading comprehension, the person making this example would be playing the CD on his/her PC when buying the CD, when anyone with a brain would say it's unknown, since the person could have a laptop and indeed play the CD when buying or have a stationary PC, meaning the person had to bring the CD home in order to play it.

But let's add the fact that we saw the person on the shop to buy the CD and we never, but ever saw him/her carrying a laptop. The most logical conclusion is that the person didn't play the CD when buying the CD. To say the person did play the CD when buying it is, you guessed it, ASSUMING s/he did play when in the original phrase it doesn't declare so, thus making an argument from ignorance. Now you understand why you point is completely illogical?!

It it not like the manga said "in that battle, hashirama gained control of the kyuubi with the wood dragon, then after bringing it back to konaha. Mito sealed the kyuubi within herself to become it's first Jink..."
Oh god, the idiocy, it burns! Do you know ANYTHING about narrative? It's already facepalm-worthy how Kishimoto feels the need to spoon-feed his readers with his silly aesops, it'd be exasperating if he started to spoon-feed us with exposition that'd make Randy Newman's lyric writing look subtle by comparison. Everybody that isn't an idiot understood that phrase just fine, so why cater to your preschooler reading capacity?

Gee, what you want next, for Kishi to modify the opening of his first chapter to say "Twelve years ago, Minato, Naruto's father, sealed Kurama (that's the Kyuubi's real name, by the way) while being made a kebab by it along with his wife Kushina, a true tragedy caused Tobi, who was really Obito, Minato's pupil who he thought was dead from a bad case of boulders but isn't because a geezer named Madara aided him to complete his mission to enslave the world into an eternal genjutsu"?

Jesus Christ, what some people are willing to relinquish to justify their sick fetish with a character that will cease to exist in 1~2 years...

And if Mito was not there to seal the kyuubi in the battle then clearly I misinterpreted what the author was trying to say. Or he just contradicted himself yet again.
The first. If you dare to advocate the latter when it transpires, oh boy, will you be in hot water.
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