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Re: Naruto 620

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
The thing is, we only saw Zetsu copying others' chakra while impersonating them and it's unknown if they can hide others' chakra, so I wouldn't bet on that scenario. I only mentioned that Zetsu cloak could mess the chakra signature in the eventuality of the older Zetsu still not having the chakra hiding feature.
But the messing with the chakra signature shows that there is a possibility that Zetsu can hide/mask a person's chakra signature. I'm not saying you're wrong, but do you remember saying there was no way Madara could survive the release of Edo-Tensai... and low and behold...

P.s. Sorry about the late response... little man is really fussy today and trying to go on a date with the wife tonight.
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