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Re: Naruto 620


Why is there. Even an argument on Mito sealing Kurama inside her during the fight or not?

The answer is : up to your interpretation until we see it for ourselves.

The thing That gets me is why would that mean Hashirama is any less bad ass?
Mito did not fight Madara or the Kyuubi (at least it hasn't be mentioned she did).
Shew as support at most, after Hashirama took Madara's big hairy weapon away.

1. Madara used his MS and Kurama to fight.
2.Hashirama fought him and Kurama.
3.Kurama was taken away.
4.Mito sealed him inside of her.
5.Madara lost the fight.

Now, I don't know if you guys have been paying attention but to seal or unseal a tailed beast, it takes a bit of time and preparation.
So using what I call deductive reasoning: Mito Uzumaki sealed Kurama after the actual fight OR Tobirama may have helped her(or anyone).

Tobirama must have been there to watch the fight at least, by his response to Hashirama telling the story if it.
But anyway no way she could have physically fought along side Hashirama against Madara and seal Kurama. She had to do it right after or with help from someone other than Hashirama.

Here is a question: when did he die? I mean he met Tsunade, whom was around when Tobirama and Hurizen were Kage. So, why did he not know Orochimaru? My guess is he died shortly before she went into the Academy. Seeing as how he obviously never taught her any jutsu of his own.
Oh and Hurizen.wasnt a kid when he became Hokage, he just didnt have any facial hair at the time.
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