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Re: Naruto 620

When opposing forces, here it is ninja, fight it is kill or be killed. Granted if you are unevenly matched the more powerful or skilled ninja can decide not to kill the other.

That is not the case here, Madara couldnt afford to "go easy" on Hashirama. Just like any warrior/ soldier/ ninja/ etc. can't afford to go light on an enemy. He may not want to kill his opponent but he is still fighting for his life, which means he might end up killing the other guy, just to survive.

But trust and believe there is no question or reason for Madara NOT TO WANT Hashirama dead.

Hashirama is the symbol of years of defeats and opposition to Madara and his clan. DNA gathering my ass, he got his ass kicked and later discovered he had a bit of DNA logged in his butt cheek from Hashirama' s foot,lol.

Note: the Manga never stated Hashirama killed Madara at VotE, just defeated him. Whuch inturn created the valley itself. He may have knew the whole tike that Madara made it out alive,bjt weakened. I meanhe was excommunicated by his clan for trying to rebel remember? He had nothing, Hashi might have felt bad for him and told him to "never return here or your life will be forfeit. .."

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