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Re: Naruto 620

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post

Only you would rationalize your complete inanity like this. So characters with completely different names, different plots, different timelines, different powers, different characterization, being the only thing in common their shared clan, you were soo close. That's like saying you were confident Herman Cain would win the last Presidentials and, when Obama won, you'd say "ZOMG guys, I was sooooo close because they're both black".

BS, the whole premise for my shisui theory was the fact shisui shared the same chakra Uchiha+senju, body type, short spikey black hair, special kind of MS not standard, his body is still missing and genjutsu is recognized to be involved in the mist incident with the control of the 4th mizukage.

However, turned out that Obito had the exact same traits too. I was just caught up on the wrong uchiha...
Face it, Obito and Shisui are just alike... Both have the same kind of chakra (uchiha and hashirama-like), both have special MS's that give one jutsu in both eye's but surpass the standard, both have short spiked black hair, same body type, age is close, both extremely skilled uchiha.

So it was close, I was just focused on the wrong uchiha. But, never ever wnated obito to be tobi so it completely blinded me to the obvious clues he was tobi...
Sorry, there's no close or halfway there when it comes to these plot twists, you either get it right or get it wrong because every character is unique in its properties. I got it wrong, you got it wrong, there's no ifs or buts, but at least I didn't build a circus over my ineptitude to accept opposing views.

Lol, yea, because shisui and Obito are so different... They are nothing alike and impossible to make the mistake for one as the other...

And you do not make theories so you have no room to even criticize. You merely bitch about the quality of the story and everyone else's Idea's and speculation about it as well... It's a wonder you are even here with your attitude, but clearly this is somewhere you can fit in with the many debbie downers that also frequent this forum as well...

Congratulations, you just proved you're intellectually dishonest! I hope your slimey wankery to the most boring of villains this side of Aizen is consolation enough for when your stupidity bites you in the ass yet again.
Again with the "wang" obsession. If I did not know any better, I would think you and Danial Tosh need to come out of the closet an accept your homosexuality with pride... Honestly, your self loathing for your WANG preference, but unwillingness to accept such a preference could explain your constant hostility and why you criticize this manga so negatively, but still stick around to read it so loyally. Because you yourself hate the homo desires you feel deep down and hate the manga due to it's lead character appearing to have the exact same desires as you deep down, the desires you are not willing to accept and likely despise. However, at the same time, you still stick around to read the manga because you still feel you can relate to the lead character thus feeling some relief that someone else is going through the exact same thing you are.

It's OK my friend, We will not think any different of you when you accept who you are... I am here for you....

Oh gee, it's not like the manga already demonstrated the incredible power of the Kyuubi and stated that such power is best put to use as a Jinchuuriki's power. I guess she did it for the lulz of tricking everyone into thinking Madara was serious when he was fighting Hashirama.

Grow up.

Still have yet to explain why the author did not specify why Mito sealed the kyuubi to gain it's power while being mention with "in that battle" with Madara and hashi. and how madara who could have only known from his experience then, knew about the kyuubi's sensing ability.
No, I want you to ADMIT you are wrong IF you are wrong without any BS of "oh so close" that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. You know, like a man and not the most pitiful of pussies this forum has ever seen that can't even take bets or even participate in an harmless hypothetical versus situation just to avoid admitting he's human, thus prone to err.
Of course I was wrong about who tobi was... But I was still Close considering how similar obito and shisui actually are.

And since the probability of you being wrong on this matter is way, WAY higher than you being right, I'm just playing with the odds.
That is BS... Already 5 theories of mine have come true in the past 20 chapters and more will as well becuase like I told you... Once the manga starts to end and the secrets are revealed... My theories will come start to come true... I am not claiming all of them, but a large amount of them I would bet.

Yes, that's why I created a thread about logic that NOBODY said was wrong. KYF, stop projecting, be a man for once and start using your brain to realize how idiotic you're being.
Yea yea, you know all about logic yet still cannot for the life of you not contradict yourself at least once a post... And there is nothing logical about contradiction now is there...

And, even if I was an hypocrite (even considering what you says are "contradictions" are contradictions to YOUR fucked up brain, not anyone else's), how does that invalidate my highly logical arguments. You know that appeal to hipocrisy is a fallacy, right? You're not winning any argument by being fallacious AND by failing to provide an argument that isn't laughable for its clear bias.
LMAO, you keep believing your reality is actually accurate. Your problem is you truly believe you are so very intelligent and know so much, and in order to abide by those beliefs. when you are wrong You reinterpret info to conform to those beliefs and reality they have created for you...

Until you can become aware of this and strive to eliminate preference, prejudice, preconceived notions, BIAS, ect... everything that works to filter info as it really is, in order to have it conform to your reality. You will never be bale to honest interpret info as it truly is...

No matter how POWERFUL/STRONG you are. If you cannot CATCH your Enemy, all you POWER/STRENGTH is no more USEFUL then a squirt gun....
And if You cannot possibly TRACK/REACT to your enemies attacks to Defend yourself, then how can you possibly stop him from DEFEATING you at WILL...


People live relying on they're Knowledge and Perception, and thus are bound to them.....
Those Boundaries are what they tend to accept as "Reality".....
However..... Knowledge and Perception are both ambiguous....
so "Reality" could be nothing more....
then an illusion....

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