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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Hi guys. Long time no see. Finally i'm done with all my exams. And as i promised the chapter is up. I'm waiting reviews as soon as you can. Sorry again for the long absence but the medicine is my priority. Well...with no more further delays: here it is.

Chapter four. The Alliance.*

The panel shows the Celest City. Due to Robert's attack, more than half of the City got destroyed in the process. Now, Claude relocated his headquarters somewhere in the northern district. He is seen in a room, alone, smoking a cigarette.

Claude thinking: This is getting out of control...everything went plan was different than what happend. Let's see: my main concern is Lucifer. He plans to open the portal to the dimension where my brother is being kept prisonier. But i made sure that the dimension cannot be opened so easily. He must come here to the Celest City. Here is the portal. As far as i remember...he was a good might get messy around here. So...first we have Lucifer who is trying to set my brother free. If the Bringer of Chaos will be released...the world will know it's final days. But...i must not forget about the Beyonders. Amaterasu...he is coming after me. I don't know what his plan is, but he is coming. The Bringer of's been a long time...from that night...when the Chaos vanished and the Darkness arised...


A mountain. Giant meteorites are falling from the sky, crashing on the mountain. There are fire, blood and screams everywhere. People are seen runing away from the cataclysmic events. The world is on the brink of chaos. On the top of the mountain, a man is seen. Wearing a white robe and wielding a staff. He is tall, blonde with curly hair that reaches below his waist. His eyes are red. His staff is pointed at the sky, as he is laughing. From the tip of the staff, red lights emerge and hit the clouds. He is summoning the meteors to the Earth. Another man is seen running towards the top of the mountain. He is wearing a black fitted uniform. He has slicked back, black hair and determined eyes.He is holding a sword in his hand.

Vishnu shouts: BROTHER!!!!
The blonde man turns around and looks at Vishnu. He smiles.
Brother: Hello, Vishnu. And welcome the party. Today is the day when the world dies!
Vishnu: I won't let you!
Brother smirks: Be reasonable Vishnu. And please, don't overestimate your abilties. You were never able to defeat me. I know everything about your Tertia and Secundo. If you recall, i am the one that taught you how to release Sciffer.*
Vishnu: You think that you know everything about me but you are wrong, brother!
Brother: Don't screw with me Vishnu! I know everything about you and your abilities. Everything. About Fulgur and Ventus. And belive me when i say this..I will destroy this world! I will burn it down! And there is nobody that can stop me. Not even the mighty Beyonders dare to stand against me!*
He turns around and shouts at the sky.
Vishnu: They won't come here, brother. I'm sorry.
Brother: Because they are a bunch of cowards!
Vishnu with a sad face: No, brother. They are weaker than you. They cannot defeat you.
Brother laughs: And you can, little brother?*
Vishnu: I cannot kill you. Not because i am not able to do it, but because despite everything you're still my brother, and i don't want to kill you. That's why...i am going to seal you away.
Brother: In order to seal me away, you must first make me drain my power. My Azymus. Which you will never be able to do.
Vishnu smiles: I have to do this...i'm sorry everyone...
Vishnu touches the blade with one finger. He closes his eyes. With his eyes closed he says the incantation.
Vishnu: Sciffer...PRIMUM RELEASE!!!!
Suddenly everything changed. The scenery itself got remodeled after the release. Vishnu streamed out of his body massive waves of pure energy that destroyed everything in their path. The wind blows harder than it never did. Massive lightnings are striking the ground near Vishnu. The panel reveals him. His entire appearence changed drastically. He is now wearing a yellow energy made coat, that finishes in ragged ends. Underneath it he has a white shirt and white pants. His hair is now white and his eyes have the three lightnings pattern applied. He is a bit taller than he was and a bit more muscular.*
The brother shocked: That's...That's a Primum release!!! Only the Beyonders should have access to it! Not a mere Eären like you! And the Beyonders never used a Primum! This is a premiere! I thought that it was only a legend!
Vishnu: I'm sorry brother. I can use the Primum. This is the first and the last time that i will use it. You have aquired dangerous powers. You are trying to drain the Earth's energy itself. Nobody has dared to do that before you. Because there are major consequences. Hence, you must be stoped.*
The brother shouts: I need that power! I need the power that resides in the core of this planet! I have a dream Vishnu! I dream of a perfect world! I will take that power and i will reshape the world!!!
Vishnu: I'm sorry but i will shatter your dream.*
The brother: So now what?!? You're a Beyonder too? Because only a Beyonder can use the Primum!
Vishnu smiles: Fortunately, i am not a Beyonder. But i am not an Eären either.
The brother: BUT WHAT ARE YOU THEN!?!
Vishnu: I am...something else. Different.*
The brother: I don't understand. How is it possible?!?
Vishnu: I don't know. It's a mistery for me too.*
The brother enraged: YOU ARE LYING BASTARD!!!
He instantly dashes towards Vishnu, aiming at a hit with his staff. Vishnu simply blocks the attack with his sword. The staff breaks in half at contact. The brother has a shocked expression on his face. Vishnu vanishes from his sight, leaving nothing more than an afterimage. He appears exactly behind his brother and impales him in the chest with the sword. But no blood comes out.
Vishnu:*Signaveris! Potentia Haurientes!
The brother: What...what are you doing to me?!?!
Vishnu: I am draining all your power. That's what i am doing.*
Suddenly Vishnu takes out the blade, as his brother falls on his knees.
Vishnu: You were known as the Bringer of Chaos. Because you tried to destroy this world. Our realm. Our kingdom. You tried to take everything for you. You are a selfish man, brother. Unfortunately i am the one that has to stop you.
Brother: You know why i am like this, Vishnu? Did you even tried to find out?
Vishnu: No. I didn't.
Brother: Then let me enlighten you. What's the definition of a human being?
Vishnu: I don't know.
Brother: The human being is selfish. That's its main characteristic. A man is selfish. Inevitabilly he will think only of himself. Even if he tries to act selfless, in the end it's all about him. His conservation system takes over. I searched for the root of this phenomena. And guess what i found. The humans are very simmilar to us. Actually identical. And so i reached a conclusion: there is only one way to gain peace. Because both gods and humans have evil in their hearts. It's a duality. And so, what's the only way of gaining true peace? Destroy the duality. Create a singularity. But it's impossible to change every man in the world one by one. So the obvious solution is to destroy the world and create a new one instead. But for that to happen you need the cumulated power of the six Beyonders. How can you aquire that power? By draining the Earth's own energy. And then use it to recreate it. And to make a perfect world, where evil doesn't linger anymore.
Vishnu: You are trying to create an utopia, brother. For good to exist...evil must be as well. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to make a comparsion. And you will simply live the same life over and over again. For good to manifest...evil must be feeded too. I'm sorry brother...but you will go now. I won't kill you. But i will seal you away. In a different dimension, that the Beyonders created specially for you.
The Bringer of Chaos smiles and manages to get on his feet.*
Brother: You are a fool Vishnu. But if i am leaving...i will give you a gift...that will remember you of me your entire life!
Suddenly the Bringer of Chaos shots from his palm a black beam that hits Vishnu in the chest throwing him on his back.*
Vishnu as he gets up: What the?!?
The Bringer of Chaos smiles but remains silent.
Vishnu as he claps his hands: Enough.*Signantes! Aeternum Exilium!!!
From the ground blue energy beams rise. The beams surround the Bringer of Chaos and envelop his body. He is heard screaming as the beams are attaching to him. Then Vishnu points his hand at the sky. A black hole appears and the Bringer of Chaos is sucked in instantly. His final words are heard though.
As the black hole vanishes, it starts raining. The sky is crying. Vishnu is showing turning around and starts walking towards the base of the mountain. The panel is focused on his face. He is crying.*
Vishnu: I'm sorry that i had to do this...even after everything that happend...i still consider you my brother...Livontes...
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