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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

And suddenly, Vishnu's face freezes. He falls on his knees as black energy starts erupting from his body. The energy released devastates everything in it's path. The wind blows harder than never. Giant lightnings strike the ground. The sky goes dark. After the release ends the scene shows Vishnu. His attire was changed due to the release. He is now dressed entirely in white. His hair has white stripes in it and he also has the lightning pattern in his eyes. The man gets on his feet and looks around him. He grabs his sword and slashes at the mountain behind him. The entire mountain gets destroyed from one slash. Vishnu's swing of the sword disintegrated an enourmous mountain. He looks at the result and smiles.*
Vishnu with a menacing voice: They have made me seal away my brother...i will not let this slip...they will not know me anymore by the name of Vishnu. From this day on, i will be called The Dark General. I will destroy everything that they love! Everything!!!! This is the gift that my brother made to me...the dark energy of the Earth itself!*

End of flashback.

The panel it's switched. It shows*Leonardo, Suleyman, Darwin, Max and Houdini in chains. They are in a cell.

Leonardo: Guys...what happend?!?
Suleyman: I don't know...
Darwin: The last thing i remember is Claude appearing before us...then he did something...and from that point everything is confused in my head.
Max: I think that Vishnu knocked us out.
Houdini: I cannot use my seems that these chains are restraining our powers!
Darwin: Then...all that we have to so is wait.

The panel it's switched. It shows a tall man with short blonde hair. He wears an elegant gray suit with a red tie. He also sports a cane with a ruby located at its tip. He is walking the streets of London. Suddenly he enters a pub and sits at a table. Almost immediatly a gorgeous woman sits near him. She is wearing a fitted black skirt with a red shirt. She is brunette.*

Man: Well, well...what news do you bring me?
Woman: He thought of everything. There is only one way inside the Celest City.*
Man: And probably i will confront him there.*
Woman: Exactly...most likely he will be he will spot us immediatly.
Man: What can you tell me about that girl...Arinasa?
Woman: Right now she is not really a threat. But...soon she will be.*
Man: Where is she right now?
Woman: She just killed the Alchemist.
Man: Flamel, huh? Well...she is quite decent if she managed to kill that one. He was very elusive.
Woman: Indeed.*
Man: And the rest? Leonardo, Houdini, Darwin, Henry, Suleyman, Mozart and Newton?
Woman: Some of them are in the City. Some of them are here on Earth.*
Man: I see. And what did your spies told you about the boy...Max?
Woman: His shielding abilities have increased in the past two years. A lot. Probably he can take an attack coming from the likes of Gabriel.
Man: Good. And...Robert?
The woman smiles menacing: Exactly. Robert. That's where i was going! I cannot wait to tell you about him!

The panel it's switched. It shows Krishna opening the cells and releasing Leonardo, Suleyman, Darwin, Max and Houdini.

Leonardo: What it's happening?
Krishna: Lord Vishnu required your presence. Right now.
Darwin: And if i refuse to go?
Krishna: I will make you. Now go!

The panel shows them entering Vishnu's room. There they spot Vishnu looking through the window. Someone is also standing on a seat but with his back turned at them.

Suleyman: Have you brought us here to finally deliver the fatal blows?
Vishnu: My dear you think that if i really wanted to kill you...i couldn't do it right now?
Houdini: No because...
Vishnu raises his hand: Silence. And listen to me.
Vishnu: You all remember when the Beyonders came here. At that meeting, Jesus and Mohammed declared their neutrality in our conflict. Moses is supporting us. But...Amaterasu declared against us. Also...Jesus warned me about something. In his final moments, Michael...released the seal on the Hell's gate. Thus, he freed his brother. And guess what...Lucifer is coming here. Most likely Amaterasu will join forces with him. I didn't want to drag any of you into this. But if i would have told you this...none of you would have accepted. I don't want you guys to die. I lied to you and hoped that my lies will keep you safe. But since you seem so eager to die at my side...there is nothing i can do.*
Darwin: Then why did you killed Robert?!?
Suddenly the man standing gets on his feet. The group is shocked to see an unscathed Robert.
Robert: He didn't killed me...
Leonardo: It means that...
Vishnu: Exactly. I was always on your side. Now...i have a mission for all of you. Go back to Earth. And place Arinasa and Max under your best protection. Use everything you've got. Everything.*
Max: What will you do in the meantime?
Vishnu: I will kill Lucifer and i will try to kill Amaterasu. know why i am asking this of you...don't you?
Robert: I do're certain that during your battle with Amaterasu you might became once again the Dark General.*
Vishnu: Exactly. If that happens...Arinasa must be safe. No harm must ever come to her.
Robert: In the meantime...
Vishnu: I will contact Moses and have him fight at my side. My guess is that Amaterasu will join the battle too as i said. It's a good opportunity for him to take me down.*
Robert: I understand. We will protect her.*
Vishnu: Perfect. Now...
He claps his hands together and then places his right hand on the ground. Immediatly a portal opens.
Vishnu: Go. And do everything you can.*
Robert: Can we tell her?
Vishnu: The truth? Not yet. Wait to hear news from me. If you don't hear anything in two weeks tell her everything you know. And prepare yourselves because they will come after you next.
Everyone but Robert jumps into the portal. Vishnu stops Robert by placing his hand on his shoulder.
Vishnu: Wait. I wanted to tell you something.
Robert: What is it?
Vishnu: If I fall...if they defeat me...they will come after you. They will kill everyone but Arinasa and Max. Lucifer of doesn't matter because both of them will do the same thing. If in two weeks you hear no will have to do something for me Robert.*
Robert: What is it?
Vishnu with a sad voice: Something that i have never imagined. You will have to....

The scene it's switched. Several days have passed. Claude is inside his tower. The only remaining portal active in the Celest City is rit in fromt of his tower. There are stationed Gabriel, Krishna and several other members of the Blue Guard.

Gabriel: Krishna. I will go upstairs to see Vishnu. I will be back in a couple of minutes.
Krishna: Aye Lord Gabriel. I will keep watching over the portal.
Gabriel unfolds his wings and flies to the top of the tower. Just as Gabriel left, suddenly an electrical surge appears out of nowhere in thin air. Krishna immediatly spots it and shouts.
Krishna: Everyone!!!!Battle positions!!!! They are here!!! The enemy has finally comed to our gates!!!
The electrical surge forms a crack and the crack opens revealing two people. A tall short haird blonde man dressed in white and a brunette beautiful woman next to him.The man also has a cane with a ruby on its top.
Man: The Celest's been a while.
Woman: It's impressive.
Man:'ve never been here before, have you?
Woman: No...and it's quite amazing what Vishnu accomplished here.
Man: But's southern's in ruins. It seems that a battle took place here not too long ago. It seems that what you have learned about Robert is true.
Suddenly Krishna's voice breaks their conversation.
Krishna: Who are you!?! And why are you here!?!
The man turns around and looks at the army waiting for them and at Krishna.
Man: My name is not relevant to you. And i'm here to have a chat with Vishnu.
Krishna: If you want to have a chat with him, you must tell me who you are, first.
The man smiles: You're not the one to decide if i go to see Vishnu or i don't.
Krishna: seems that i am the one that has an army behind me. So i guess that i can decide whatever i want.
Man: An army? Get real brat. Do you think that you can stop me with the Blue Guard? As i said...i don't want to fight...but if it comes to that...i will rip you all to shreds.*
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