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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Krishna suddenly dashes towards him with his blade raised.
Krishna: Secundo release!!! Dragon entity!!!!
Krishna's blade emits a white wave that envelops his body like an armor. The blade itself turns white. Instantly he vanishes from the unknown man's sight and appears behind him attempting a slash. But the man is much more faster than he looks. Almost imediatly he turns around and clashes his cane against Krishna's blade. Krishna watches in horror as a crack appears on his sword. And moments later, he looks shocked at his blade. It just shattered when the unknown man's cane touched it.
Krishna: Impossible!!!! You breaked my Secundo with a mere walking cane!!!
But the man remains silent and prepares to strike Krishna with his cane. As the cane goes down towards Krishna's head, suddenly another man appears out of thin air and catches with his bare hand the cane. Claude is shown smiling as he stoped the cane.
Claude: Well, seems that someone that i haven't seen in a long time paid us a visit.
The brunette woman rushes towards them but she is stoped by Gabriel who just appeared in front of her.*
Man talking to the woman: Mephisto...calm down. Otherwise thr Archangel Gabriel there, might kill you.
Claude smiles: You're not worried about me?
Man: Why should i be. I came here to talk with you. Now...if you don't mind...
Claude: Of course.
He lets go of the cane and the man regains his elegant posture.
Claude: Krishna...i'm sorry for your sword. Go to our men and repair it. You attacked the wrong guy. This one right not Lucifer. Is even a bigger nightmare than that bastard.
The man laughs: Talks the biggest nightmare of us all.
Claude and he smiles: I'm glad to see long has it been? 2500 years?, Faust?

The panel shows Robert and the others arriving back on Earth.

Robert: So...we are back.
Suleyman: And everything went back to normal...
Max: well..normal isn't quite the term to define our situation.
Darwin: It doesn't matter. Claude will win the battle.*
Leonardo: My question is...what happens after...
Robert: We don't know yet. Let's hurry home. We must hide Arinasa.
Suleyman: You know that she won't accept it.
Max: Not so easily anyway.
Robert: I will deal with her. Anyway...she must not know the truth. Yet. Claude gave me clear instructions about this!

The scene shows Claude's chambers in the Celest City. He is sitting at a table with Faust, Mephisto and Gabriel. Claude is smoking.

Claude: Faust. And you must be Mephisto. What brings you here?
Faust smiles menacing: Your war, Vishnu.
Claude: Is not my war, Faust.*
Faust: Of course it's your war, Vishnu. You caused all of these.
Claude: Meaning?
Faust: Well...let's analyze this a little. You started this when you decided to confront Michael and overthrow him. Thus, you risked releasing your darkness ans thus the Beyonders had to step in. I heard about what happend in Istanbul. To think that the Beyonders gathered and used Axis Mundi to eliminate you.*
Claude: How did you heard about that?
Faust: Are you kidding me? Every immortal in Europe felt chills on their backs when that blast obliterated you. Everyone of us felt how much power was released. And the question that was raised it is: how did you survived that? And not only that your soul survived but it seems that your body also managed to overcome the Beyonder's wrath.
Claude: Their power is overrated.
Faust: You cannot fool me, Vishnu. No immortal could beat that. It's not about if you are an Aerhis a Duodenae or an EƤren. It's simply too much for anybody. Except you.
Claude smiles : And probably you.
Faust: You know that i'm a special case.
Claude: And what's your point, Faust? That i should simply ignore the prophecy and let the gods rule the planet?
Faust: Exactly, Vishnu. And why shouldn't they rule? That's their purpose. Practically you are going against the Creator. He let them rule. He made the humans to be ruled. And you want to break that balance.
Claude: Faust...the Creator hasn't gave a sign since the Creation itself. We don't even know his status. He vanished.
Faust: Obviously you cannot assume that he is dead. There is nothing that can kill the Primordial being.
Claude: Of course. But where is he?
Faust: Nobody knows, Vishnu. Look...i know that you want to kill your brother. But grow a pair and do it yourself. Don't engage the mankind into this.
Claude: She is not just a human, Faust. You should see her.*
Faust: You're doing the same thing that you did with Robert.*
Claude: And she grew in 3 years to half of Robert's power. Imagine how powerful she will be after 100 years.
Faust: You want to drag this war that much?
Claude: Faust...let's stop this little game. Why are you here? I haven't seen you in 2500 years. More or less. And suddenly you appear at my door. I belive that you are aware of my endgame.
Faust nods his head: Aye, Vishnu...i am aware. And i belive that i'm the only one aware of your true endgame. It's quite noble what you are aiming. But you are going to sacrifice that girl.
Claude: In the will be all worth it. Now tell me, Faust...why are you here?
Faust: As we are this very moment...Lucifer is searching for a body, because he is a mere spirit.The moment he takes shape...Amaterasu will seek him. They will forge an alliance against you. Lucifer ever forgot that you and Michael threw him in Hell. They will lay siege at the gates of the City.*
Claude: I can deal with them.
Faust: Not exactly. You see, Vishnu...i know. I know that you are afraid. That you are afraid of releasing once again that darkness of yours. If you fight against both Lucifer and will end up using the darkness.*
Claude: And what do you propose?
Faust with a menacing smile: Let me deal with Lucifer!

The scene shows a man walking on the street alone. Suddenly he heards a majestic voice.

Voice: John Tonnen.*
The man falls on the ground shocked.
John: Who is this?!? Show yourself!!!
Voice: John Tonnen! You have two options here! Either you let me posses your body, either you will suffer the tortures of Hell!!!

The scene shows John Tonnen several minutes later. He gets up and clears the dust from his clothes. He is a tall man, with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He is quite handsome.

John: Well, well...finally i have found someone to contain me.
On the street another man appears. A man with Asian features and black hair, wearing an elegant black suit.
John turns around and looks at him.
John: Amaterasu. The Beyonder himself.
Amaterasu smiles: Lucifer. I see that you have found yourself a body. Welcome back to our world.
Lucifer smiles: Why are you here, Amaterasu?
Amaterasu: I have a proposition for you.*
Lucifer: And that is?
Amaterasu: We are both after the same thing. Why don't we take it together? Join our armies and go take it!
Lucifer: I know what i am after...but what are you after?
Amaterasu with a menacing glare: Vishnu's head!*

The end.

Thank you again for the support and for reading!

And Num, please bear with my Latin fail. I'm trying to improve but honestly i didn't had the time yet. And thanks for all the observations. I took the advices and started with making a writing plan and put it on paper, instead of relying on the plot that existed only in my head as i did so far.
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