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Re: Magi 174

Well we have seen him vs Judar/ seems right now his power is greater and poses a serious threat to Judal from that last fight. Vs Lady Scherza or whatever...she didn't seem to phased by his magic. I would assume her being on a slightly higher level. Yanan being the oldest and the one opening up the Dunegons all over the world...He is certainly the strongest of the four. It isn't to say Aladdin is > Judal...I would say Aladdin could overcome Judal's ice magic. Also with Aladdin having Solomon's wisdom places him higher due to his understanding of the world, magic, ruhk, magoi, even his selected Goi King. As we saw vs Judal Aladdin was able to show Judal something he had long forgotten. Make him feel a way that was unknown to him. Aladdin before Solomon's Wisdom was confident but not so sure about himself or the world. Now with that knowledge he has a new found respect and admiration of all his surroundings. Better understanding of his own's strength and he found out when he used Heat Magic vs Judal (fight 2). Aladdin felt born a new, and even now with the stones removed and his body reacting to the ruhk around him he was able to use such a high level attack (three giants). I wonder what the other Magi's think of him..(outside Judar/Judal)
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