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Re: Naruto 620

Originally Posted by AOTKorby View Post
See, here's the problem. On the one hand, the good guys are kind of boned right now, what with the Juubi still existing and no one present save Naruto being a match at all for EdoMadara. On the other hand, if the old kage come and save the motherfucking day, it would be par for the course shitty Kishi writing, ruining any symbolism possible that the new generation has stepped up to "inherit" their predecessors' will. They're going to show up, most likely, but it's going to have to be the younger folk that take the bad dudes down, namely Madara (let's be real, it'll be Naruto or Sasuke). Personally I'd rather see Sasuke do it than Naruto because it could actually be a half-decent "defeating your demons" theme to it (also the fighting wouldn't be as much boring Kaiju bullshit).
@bolded. I think Kishi is still going do that, but in a more round about way. Notice how Kishi did Kakashi in part 2. In the beginning Kakashi was still a bit above Naruto in strength. Later Kakashi declared him his equal (or better). Now Kakashi is acting as Naruto's back up support.

I believe Kishi is going to try the same thing with the Kages. When Minato shows up, Kishi will portray him as Naruto's near Equal. Kakashi will pass out (Kishi should just kill him), and Minato takes his place in the tag team against Obito. Naruto will learn a hax move from Minato that makes him the latters' better. They defeat Obito and move on to the fight with Madara and the rest of the kages. Something happens to Minato, and Naruto teams up with Hashi who are now near equals. Repeat the process from there.

I know that's one of the shittiest forms of power development you can have, BUT looking at what's happened so far, it's probably the most likely.

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