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Re: One piece eps 585

Originally Posted by Buck09 View Post
Looking forward to the next ep now.

I am curious, Law's Sword do you think its one of the big one of kind swords ? Like Zoro's and Hawk Eyes ? And the Marine chick always around with Smoker she has one too.
No..I would think not....those who have those swords are Pure swordsmen...They are swordsmen first...usually those who possess these swords usually don't have a DF power the sword itself is their raw power. Like Hawk Eyes and Zoro..who use Haki infused techs.. Someone like Law who uses a sword but his DF abilities are what he would be known for. I would say he could use his ability with his sword and maybe that is where you got the idea from. If I remember correctly he sliced the mountain top using his abilities and his sword when he cut Vergo. Back to my previous statement though...all those who possess these swords do not rely on DF's. They rely on their own sheer power. I could also be mistaken but the Swordsmen from Impel Down the former Guard that joined BB's crew...He has one of those swords right? From what Oda has done so far no one with a DF ability has them...
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