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Re: Naruto 620

Originally Posted by minato uchiha View Post
I agree that that tag ain't permanent and obviously no top tier kage level shinobi is going to flee on sight, second they see Minato. However you saying that 'pathetic country...' is wrong. Kumo is anything but pathetic and they had the same orders as the Rock village. To think that a teammate of Ay and Kb knowing full well he had the A and B combo next to him, STILL advised them to run, when he realised it was Minato.

I think that alone disproves your claim about thr country being pathetic. Minato is obviously not a powerhouse but his speed alone renders almost all counters useless. I think that's why the order was given about him. Of course I can name a few shinobi's that would beat him but ALL of them will struggle to even catch him with their fastest jutsu.
No M_U, i was referring to the place where order came from. I think that hidden grass village or something can't really remembered exactly. But not the hidden cloud or stone village. Cause the old man tsuchikage and A didn't have that order if i am not wrong...

Edit: Correction its hidden rock/stone village. Yup not as pathetic as i thought it was hidden grass. But anyway that doesn't mean it should be treated as a universal order. And also higher ups doesn't follow that orders as it was passed down the chain of command to the lower tier.

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