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Re: Naruto 620

My reaction to this inanity at this point.

It's too much bullshit to even bother replying and, even worse, it's parroted ad nauseam like it made sense to begin with. We all get it, KYF, there's nothing on that small brain of yours that'll make you realize the flaws on your beloved characters and a possible match of Minato vs Madara would probably fry your brains if it couldn't be a tie.

But really, have you been sleeping in the last 100 or so chapters, where hype AND feats have been raining on Hashirama like crazy? Face it, Kishimoto is done with Minato, he got to be a wooden character who's only defining features are being nice and badass like a metric ton of other characters in every shounen ever, he got to be the main character's crutch for who-knows-how-many chapters and he got to make one of the dumbest decisions as a characters and a parent conceivable in this manga. Ever since Madara got to dance his moves on the war, Kishimoto just threw Minato on the trash bin and started to make Hashirama the goalpost of the past. Even worse, the manga is about to end, it's not likely that Kishimoto will pull an arc out of his ass just to write Minato as a goalpost. And even if Minato fights the Juubi, he won't do it without all the other Hokage, so it's rather moot. Hashirama>Minato both because the writer shifted the power that way and, well, it's obvious for those who aren't bullshitting their preferences.

And, again I say, the manga is ending. Why even bother to defend characters with such ardent passion if it's going to end anyway? Haven't you yet realized the absolute futility of making personal attacks on those who are simply calling the bulls by the horns based on drawings of a series on its way out of circulation? Well, I just hope that calling others of gay and other nonsensically vitriolic things makes up for the fact you're the punchline of 2! forums (and don't get me that "they don't know me" crap, I'm not as stupid as you and I can easily quote someone laughing at your expense) and the fact that you'll have nothing to fart your brains on after literally a couple of years.

Have fun with that, I only wished you could honestly apologize for the personal attacks without any other vitriolic bullshit attached (I mean, didn't your parents even bother to teach you some basic manners?), have that goddamn discussion about biodiversity I've been asking you for months and grow a pair and say who wins in Minato vs CĂșchulainn. I'll only bother if you respond to this paragraph without any bullshit.

Edit: EoJ, the fuck? Are you reading the same page I am? I'm reading page 18, not page 17. So your rebutal makes no sense to what I said.
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