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Re: Naruto 620

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
There's only one redeemable move Kishi could do IMO. That is have Sasuke arrive at the battlefield but order Oro and the Kages NOT to participate. Sasuke should say something to the Kages along the lines of "I won't say whether or not you're past actions were right are wrong, but they have formed the mold that our reality has been poured into. Regardless of that, it is the living who now seek to define what is right. Dead men like yourselves have no right to participate in this've had your chances."
What I can see happening is Hashirama using his mokuton only so far as to prevent Madara from using mokuton against Sasuke. If Sasuke decides to walk the path of redemption, I can't see proto-Ninja Jesus doing anything but supporting him as best he can without invalidating what "must be done". I can completely see Hashirama forcing Madara to match Sasuke with nothing more than his power as an Uchiha in some symbolic horseshit.

I just don't want to see an ALL FOUR KAGE + SASUKE + ORO + NARUTO + KB + KAKASHI + ARMY OF FODDER all out attack. That would be fucking stupid.
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