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Re: Naruto 620

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Since when is Zetsu capable of copying genetics? None of the Zetsu copies have displayed the ability to use any KKG of any person they cloned.

So far as we know, this is false. Zetsu can copy chakra, he can't absorb cells.

You do realize that Oro never had Sage powers to begin with, right? Kabuto said he didn't have the body for it, so he never developed it for battle purposes. He only created a way for another person to use Senjutsu chakra with the cursed seals.

Maybe he doesn't give a shit about taking over Sasuke anymore? He tried once when Sasuke didn't even have MS and failed. What makes you think he will now that Sasuke is just a Senju spit away from the Rinnegan?
I was under the assumption that Zetsu copied a person down to their chakra and DNA .. thats why they needed naruto to sense their feelings of malicious intent. and yeah you're right they can't copy KKG's

Oro did have sage powers .. Kabuto stated that Oro couldn't become a "true sage" cause he lacked a body that could handle it much in the same way Jiraiya lacked the body capable of obtaining true frog sage, Kabuto and naruto surpassed their masters in this regard. After Kabuto's defeat at Itachi's hand Oro absorbed his sejutsu chakra .. and we know senjutsu chakra is only associated with a sage or hermit mode. this is how I drew the conclusion .. either take the evidence provided or leave it .. it's up to you!

As to why he didn't take Sasuke out now .. I already stated he hasn't gained all his power yet he's just bidding his time
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